About Us

ReviewMoose is your friendly neighbourhood moose who fancies shopping. Finally, there is no need to comb the neverending virtual landscape in an attempt to find the best offers. ReviewMoose is here to walk Canadians through purchases.

From anime-inspired snack subscription boxes to the latest gadgets—our team got your back. And, if by any chance we haven’t reviewed products within your favourite category, drop us a line, and we will happily tend to it at our earliest convenience.

What Sets Us Apart

Aren’t there thousands of review sites already? There are indeed. However, what makes us stand out from countless review platforms is our never-ceasing curiosity and our burning passion for providing Canadians with the most up-to-date information on the products in question.

You can be more than sure that every review is done with the utmost care and with your best interest in mind. We are reviewing products as if we were to recommend something to a friend; thus, we are always driven to feature the offers worth your attention and your hard-earned coin!

Why Do We Do It 

Our team wants to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. Instead of browsing the Web hours on end, you can hop on our website to find brief, yet elaborate, reviews within many product categories. Not only are we here to save you time, but we are also looking forward to providing you with the best deals that are bound to make your day. Now, shall we start?