Best Canadian Maple Syrup in 2021 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

If you’re planning on purchasing the best Canadian maple syrup on the market and need some advice, look no further! We’ve done the research, reviewed the brands, and even put together a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you find the best offer on the market.

Best Canadian Maple Syrup Brands

Escuminac Logo
  • Best Canadian Maple Syrup for 2021
  • Pure and unblended
  • Easily accessible
  • Organic maple syrup
From $12.99
Canadian Heritage Organics Logo
  • Best Organic Maple Syrup
  • Kosher
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial additives
From $9.36
Cosman & Webb Logo
  • Best Type of Maple Syrup
  • Natural and organic
  • Robust flavour
  • Smooth texture
From $34.95
Turkey Hill Logo
  • Purest Maple Syrup
  • Numerous uses
  • Premium taste
  • Organic
From $38.99
Kinsip Logo
  • Best for Pancakes
  • Free delivery
  • Delicious taste
  • Great in coffee
From $17.35

Best-Rated Maple Syrup Reviews

If you’re looking for high-quality maple syrup, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve included detailed information on some of Canada’s best, as well as tips on how to choose the best brand.

Let’s get started!

Escuminac Medium No. 1 Great Harvest Maple Syrup Review

Best Canadian Maple Syrup - Escuminac Maple Syrup

Best Canadian Maple Syrup for 2021 

  • Rating: 10
  • Grade: A Amber Colour and Rich Flavour
  • Origin: Escuminac, Quebec
  • Available in: 50 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml
  • Price: $12.99

We’ve placed the award-winning Escuminac Great Harvest Maple Syrup at the top of our list. This brand just might be the best maple syrup in Canada, as it’s readily available and has an extra fine and rich taste.

Martin Malenfant (the manufacturer) harvests and bottles the syrup at his maple farm in Escuminac, Quebec. Its unique taste comes from the fact that it’s never mixed with syrup from other areas.

This product is verified USDA Organic, 100% traceable from forest to the plate, gluten-free, vegan, and free of additives, preservatives, and artificial flavours. That’s why it got our number one maple syrup rating.

Unsurprisingly, the Great Taste Award UK 2019 gave it a two-star rating out of three. When testing this product, we couldn’t help but notice that it’s a delightful natural sweetener. It’s indescribably delicious with pancakes, waffles, oats, yogurt, fruit salad, desserts, and drinks.

Escuminac Great Harvest has a tantalizing buttery texture and richness. We highly recommend it because it’s an organic grade A maple syrup with a dark, robust flavour from one of the best gluten-free maple syrup brands. Plus, it’s packaged in a stylish glass bottle, making it a fantastic gift idea for friends and family.

  • Highly popular
  • Pure and unblended
  • Easily accessible
  • Organic maple syrup

  • Could be a bit too mild for cooking and baking

Canadian Heritage Organics Maple Syrup Review

Best Canadian Maple Syrup - Canadian Heritage Organics Maple Syrup

Best Organic Maple Syrup

  • Rating: 9.7
  • Grade: A Amber Colour and Rich Flavour
  • Origin: Appalachian region
  • Available in: 250 ml, 500 ml
  • Price: $9.36

We’ve included Canadian Heritage Organics in our list for their dedication to creating healthy, organic products, as the name suggests. We really liked this syrup because it comes from the Appalachian region, known for producing some of the best maple syrup in the world due to the mineral concentration of the soil.

They also guarantee the best manufacturing methods overseen by three generations of experienced artisans. So, if you’re searching for distinctive light maple syrup, this is the brand for you.

This company is one of the top producers of maple syrup with a delicate flavour and a soft amber colour. Furthermore, Ecocert Canada has certified all Canadian Heritage Organics products as organic. Plus, our Jewish readers will be pleased to know that they’re also certified Kosher by Montreal Kosher.

Another key selling point is that Canadian Heritage truly respects organic farming techniques. Their maple syrup contains no artificial additives, colouring, preservatives, or chemicals applied at any stage of the process.

  • Kosher
  • Organic
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial additives

  • Some customers complained the maple flavour is too subtle

Cosman & Webb Maple Syrup Review

Best Canadian Maple Syrup - Cosman & Webb Maple Syrup

Best Type of Maple Syrup

  • Rating: 9.9
  • Grade: A Dark Colour and Robust Flavour
  • Origin: Quebec
  • Available in: 100 ml, 250 ml, 375 ml, 500 ml, 1L, 4L
  • Price: $34.95

Cosman & Webb offers a single forest unblended maple syrup from the Cosman farm in southern Quebec. For nearly half a century, their sugar bushes have produced only the purest maple syrup.

This top-rated maple syrup has been certified organic for over two decades, guaranteeing the integrity of the equipment used during manufacturing. We also believe that you will appreciate their commitment to avoid the use of toxic chemicals during any part of the process.

Cosman & Webb maple syrup is gluten-free, vegan, and has no artificial flavours, preservatives, or added sugar. It’s not only terrific on pancakes, but it also works excellent as a natural sweetener for your baking, salad dressings, coffee, or tea.

What’s more, it comes in a gorgeous Italian glass bottle with a paper label and a resealable wooden cap. According to many maple syrup reviews, it’s ideal for adding flavour to any breakfast or dessert.

  • Natural and organic
  • Pure
  • No artificial flavours
  • Smooth texture

  • Some customers found it a bit too pricey

Turkey Hill Maple Syrup Canadian Premium Quality Review

Best Canadian Maple Syrup - Tukey Hill Maple Syrup

Best Pure Maple Syrup

  • Rating: 9.8
  • Grade: A Dark Colour and Robust Flavour
  • Origin: Quebec
  • Available in: 1L
  • Price: $38.99

With a rich and authentic taste, exquisite sweetness, silky texture, and excellent consistency, this syrup is made with 100% pure maple extract. It’s perfect on pancakes and waffles or as a flavour enhancer in cookies and cakes.

This product, made from only the sap of wild-growing maple trees, is a pure Canadian maple syrup containing organic acids and volatile organic compounds traceable to the forest. We highly recommend this brand as it’s free of gluten, colours, preservatives, and additives.

We believe this syrup is an ideal natural sweetener with a wide range of culinary applications. Consider using this top Canadian maple syrup instead of honey, sugar, or even agave syrup. These resealable jugs are easy to open and pour. Just remember to always refrigerate after opening.

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Maple Syrup is an ideal gift for your friends or family, whether for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or holidays. They will surely enjoy this tasty gift that keeps on giving!

  • Numerous uses
  • Premium taste
  • Perfect gift
  • Organic

  • Might come across as not thick enough

Kinsip Whisky Barrel Aged Maple Syrup Review

Best Canadian Maple Syrup - Kinsip Maple Syrup

Best Maple Syrup for Pancakes

  • Rating: 9.8
  • Grade: A Very Dark and Strong Flavour
  • Origin: Ontario
  • Available in: 375 ml
  • Price: $17.35

Nyman Farms in Prince Edward County produces this delicious maple syrup. The uniqueness of this brand comes from the fact that its maple syrup is aged in Kinsip whisky barrels, which gives it a rich, strong, and smokey flavour.

It’s worth mentioning that this high-quality maple syrup is alcohol-free and ideal for pancakes, waffles, coffee, French toast, and ice cream, as well as cocktails. Many customers claimed that this syrup is so tasty they were tempted to drink it straight from the bottle!

While researching this brand, we discovered a Maple old fashioned recipe we thought might inspire you to try this delicious syrup:

  • Kinsip Crimson Rye Whisky, 2 ounces (or other)
  • 1 ounce of maple syrup
  • A few drops of aromatic bitters from Kinship House
  • A twist of orange peel for garnishing

In an old-fashioned glass, mix the whisky, maple syrup, and bitters until the syrup is completely dissolved. Serve with a twist of orange peel and a single ice cube.

  • Alcohol-free
  • Perfect in smoothies
  • Delicious taste
  • Great in coffee

  • User complaints about the lack of whiskey aroma

Picking the Best Maple Syrup
— Buyer's Guide —

When compiling this list of the top maple syrups on the market, we considered various factors. For example, it’s best if you’re aware of the origin, grade, packaging, pros, and cons when picking the best Canadian maple syrup for you.


The Beginnings

Collecting maple sap for maple syrup production began long before Europeans arrived in America. Several Native American stories back up this claim. However, there are no documented accounts of when it was first discovered.

The Legend 

According to the Michigan Maple Syrup Association, the Chippewa and Ottawa tribes of Michigan have a legend about a god named NenawBozhoo. He suspected that his people were getting lazy because they drank the pure maple syrup from the maple trees instead of hunting or foraging food. So, he supposedly put a spell on the maple trees, turning the syrup into a watery sap that had to be processed before being ingested.

How Native Americans Processed Maple Sap

While this may only be a story, we know how early Native Americans prepared maple sap. They collected it in large, shallow bowls made from bark and then froze them. This process would separate the water from the sugar.

New and better ways to prepare maple sugar emerged over time. Native Americans began to construct “sugar bushes” and boil the sap using hot stones. When European settlers arrived, they began collecting and then boiling the sap over an open fire. Both of these new processes marked the beginning of quality maple syrup produced in North America.


Today, maple syrup harvesters utilize tubing to carry sap from the tree to a “sugar shack,” where it’s then boiled into syrup. Though production processes have changed over time, maple syrup’s rich and sweet flavour has remained consistent.


Old Grades

Maple syrup was once rated using three letters: A (light), B (dark), and C (very dark). This method led many individuals to believe that grade A was the best maple syrup grade and of superior quality than grades B and C. However, the quality of all of the syrups was the same.

Grade Distinction

The maple syrup quality grades’ sole distinction is their colour and flavour. Syrup from sap gathered early in the season has a brighter colour, and syrup collected later in the season, when the weather is warmer, has a darker one. The richer the flavour of the syrup, the darker it is.

Vermont (the US state with the most significant maple syrup production) established new, less ambiguous maple syrup grading criteria in 2014. In short, all syrups would be designated by the letter “A” but with more detailed names. So, if you’re interested in how to find the best grade maple syrup, check out the new grade list below.

New Grades

  • Grade A Golden Colour and Delicate Taste
  • Grade A Amber Colour and Rich Flavour
  • Grade A Dark Colour and Robust Flavour
  • Grade A Very Dark and Strong Flavour


There are a variety of ways to package your maple syrup. The most popular and best maple syrup containers are:

  • glass bottles to emphasize maple syrup’s attractive amber colour
  • stainless steel and plastic barrels for wider bulk storage choices
  • classic plastic jugs

Many companies add catchy labels and ornamental elements to their containers to make the finished product more enticing.

Benefits of Maple Syrup

Abundance of Antioxidants

The primary antioxidants contained in maple syrup are:

  • benzoic acid
  • gallic acid
  • cinnamic acid

and different flavonoids such as:

  • catechin
  • epicatechin
  • rutin
  • quercetin

While most occur in low concentrations, others are found in higher amounts. Thus the antioxidants may offset some of the adverse effects of ingesting the syrup’s high sugar content.

Fighting Inflammatory Diseases

Maple syrup world reviews show that it contains anti-inflammatory polyphenol antioxidants. Therefore, it can be ingested in moderation as part of a healthy diet to help avoid diseases including:

  • arthritis
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • heart disease

The plant-based compounds found in the syrup help to minimize oxidative stress, which causes us to age more rapidly and weakens our immune system.

Protecting Against Cancer

While some data suggests that sugar can cause or contribute to cancer, maple syrup appears to be a considerably less dangerous sweetener. Mainly because maple syrup of the best quality contains antioxidants that help protect cells from DNA damage and mutation.

Maple syrup alone is unlikely to lessen your risk of cancer. However, it’s a safer alternative than consuming large amounts of refined sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Abundance of Vitamins and Minerals

In addition to potassium and calcium, good maple syrup brands include significant levels of zinc and manganese. Zinc can help you fight sickness and boost your immunity by keeping your white blood cell count high, whereas manganese is vital for:

  • fat and carbohydrate metabolism
  • brain and nerve function
  • blood sugar control
  • calcium absorption

Side Effects

Teeth Decay

Because bacteria can feed on sugar in the mouth and grow, all sugar can encourage tooth decay, especially when highly concentrated. Therefore, a person’s risk of developing dental cavities increases when they consume more sugar.

Complications of Diabetes

Is maple syrup good for diabetics?  No, as carbohydrates in the form of sugars are found in maple syrup. Because these sugars lack fibre, consuming maple syrup can cause blood glucose and insulin levels to fluctuate. Therefore, ingesting maple syrup may cause problems for people with diabetes in particular.


What is the best Canadian maple syrup?

According to our findings, the best one is Escuminac Medium No.1 Great Harvest Maple Syrup. It is graded A Amber Colour and Rich Flavour, and it’s readily available. Not to mention that it is organic, pure and unblended. You should give it a try or purchase it as the perfect gift for your friends or family.

What is the best grade of maple syrup?

There isn’t one best grade of maple syrup. However, each one offers a different taste, and it all comes down to your personal preference. So, when people want to know which grade of maple syrup is the healthiest, there is no definitive answer. To help you discover what might best suit your needs, here are some rating explanations:

  • Grade A Golden Colour offers a delicate taste.
  • Grade A Amber Colour provides a rich flavour.
  • Grade A Dark Colour offers a robust taste.
  • Grade A Very Dark Colour delivers an intense flavour.

Which is better: amber or dark maple syrup?

According to our tasters, both the dark and amber variants have a clean maple flavour. But the latter is less intense and more complex than the former. When you compare the amber and dark syrups, you can certainly taste the difference, but whether the amber or dark syrup is better is a matter of personal preference.

What is the healthiest maple syrup to buy?

We’re not sure that there is an absolute answer to this question. However, Canadian Heritage Organics Maple Syrup is our pick as the healthiest option from our review. Mainly because they genuinely respect organic farming techniques, so their maple syrup contains no artificial additives, colouring, preservatives, or chemicals applied at any stage of the process

Which syrup is Canada famous for?

One of the most famous Canadian maple syrup brands is Escuminac. Many consider it the manufacturer of the best Canadian maple syrup because of its syrup’s exceptionally exquisite and rich flavour and buttery texture.


We hope that our reviews and buyer’s guide have given you the necessary information to choose the best Canadian maple syrup for your individual taste. Though there are multitudes of reputable brands on the market, we feel that our suggestions will get you on the right track in regards to enjoying this beloved condiment that is now available in 45 countries around the world.

Remember that If you’ve purchased 100% pure syrup, it can last for up to a year (unopened) in the pantry. Once opened, it can also last for a year in the refrigerator and indefinitely in the freezer.

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