Fun and Creative Baby Shower Ideas

Are you looking for some fun and creative baby shower ideas? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll discuss a variety of ideas that will help make your baby shower an unforgettable experience. We’ll cover everything from decorations and themes to activities.

So, if you’re planning a baby shower for your best friend and have no standout baby shower ideas, you’ll be able to find some great tips in this article.

Who Should Be in Charge of Organizing a Baby Shower?

One of the most important things to consider when planning a baby shower is who will be in charge. Some people prefer to let their friends or family members take on this responsibility, while others may want to organize everything themselves. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your preferences.

While it’s completely fine if you want to organize everything yourself, you should at least have a friend or relative help you out since this is the time of the year when you need to avoid stress and try and rest as much as you can.

Moreover, soon-to-be parents are usually too busy picking the right clothes and baby gear and finding the perfect crib mattress for their new family member.

When Is the Right Time for a Baby Shower?

Another key factor to consider when planning a baby shower is the timing. Some prefer to have their baby showers closer to their due date, while others opt for a more traditional approach and have it weeks or months before the big day. Again, there is no right or wrong answer here – it all depends on your personal preferences and circumstances.

If you’re planning a baby shower for a friend or family member, you can always discuss it with them and see what their preferences are. Some people prefer to have baby showers as soon as possible, as it means that the mom-to-be will have plenty of energy to enjoy the baby shower activities.

Should You Have a Baby Shower?

At the end of the day, whether or not you should have a baby shower at all is ultimately up to you. Some may see it as a hassle and an unnecessary expense, while others find it a fun event where they can get together with their friends and family members to celebrate an exciting milestone. That said, only you can decide if having a baby shower is something you want.

If you do decide to have a baby shower, then make sure to put some time and effort into planning it in order to ensure a memorable and fun experience for everyone involved! Whether it’s through decorations, games, activities, or delicious food and drinks, there are plenty of ways to make your baby shower an event that everyone will remember for years to come.

So, get creative and have fun with it! After all, this is one of the most special moments in a mother’s life, so you’ll want to do everything you can to make it as memorable as possible.

Baby Shower Themes

A theme is an essential part of any baby shower. Choosing a fun and creative theme will help set the tone for the event, making it more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. If this is your first time hosting a baby shower and you’re not quite sure what theme would work best, take a look at some of the best baby shower ideas below.

Peter Pan Theme

While Disney has created many unforgettable, iconic characters over the years, few are tied to childhood innocence as much as Peter Pan. With this in mind, you can plan a Peter Pan-themed baby shower, with green-and-gold decorations and art of some beloved characters.

Jungle-Themed Baby Shower

This may sound as tough to prepare, but it’s actually quite simple. Make sure to make your invitations as colourful as possible, predominantly green, with some plants or tiny animals on the sides of the paper.

When it comes to room decoration, you’ll be able to find everything you need at a local party store. Keep in mind that you’ll need jungle-inspired decorations, and you can also include some toy animals.

Baby in Bloom Theme

The easiest way to prepare an elegant and cute baby shower theme is to fill it with blooming flowers. Make sure to include bolder pink, lots of whites, and blushes. You can prepare DIY floral crowns and have everyone plant a seed in the baby’s honour. Baby in Bloom is one of the most popular baby shower themes.

Boho-Themed Baby Shower

When it comes to colour, feel free to add touches of brown, peach, or cream and spread pillow seating around the table. This can be set outside or inside, but if it’s spring or summer, it would be ideal for the baby shower to be in a garden.

Simplicity is key with this baby shower theme, so a naked cake and minimalistic layout will do the trick. A woodland-themed baby shower can also be combined with this theme, as you can set everything in a forest and make it look as natural as possible.

All-White-Themed Baby Shower

An all-white-themed baby shower has many advantages, the most obvious one being that it’s really easy to organize. Use white decoration and a white cake, and you can also ask guests to dress in white. Overall, everything will look clean and elegant.

Finally, it’s the message that’s important. The colour white symbolizes purity and innocence, and that’s exactly what a baby is. This timeless baby shower theme is the easiest choice if you’re short on time and don’t want to experiment.

Baby Shower Activities

One of the most important aspects of a baby shower is the activities that you choose to include. There are all sorts of options, from simple games, such as guessing the due date, or creative activities like crafting or painting.

So, if you need ideas for activities for your baby shower, we’re here to help you choose the ones that both the mom-to-be and the guests will enjoy.

Make It a Brunch Baby Shower

What if we told you there are ways to have a baby shower set up so that it’s relaxing and interesting, without having to spend too much time planning this event? Just pick a day, fix breakfast goodies, and you’re good to go.

You can print out recipes you used on little cards and share them with the guests, so everyone can use the same idea for the baby shower they may be organizing soon. You’ll have all you need – food, gifts, a good atmosphere with your friends, and a happy mom-to-be.

Ask for Books Instead of Cards

Bringing a book instead of a card might be a great idea simply because a future mom will have a source of entertainment during the period of rest before the baby arrives. If all guests bring a book, she’ll have a chance to relax at home with a book in those situations when she doesn’t have any special ideas on how to spend her day.

Besides, reading is great for the mental well-being of every person, but bear in mind to look for the books that are the best match for future parents. 

Other than that, most cards end up in the bin anyway. With this baby shower idea, the guests are able to help the mom refresh her home library instead. Ultimately, when the baby grows up, they’ll have a chance to read the books that were gifted to their mom for the baby shower.

Doodle, Draw, and Write On Diapers

When the baby arrives, the parents will be surrounded by plenty of dirty diapers, so make the process of changing them more interesting by writing funny comments or jokes (or just kind wishes) on top of the diapers.

When all the guests arrive, hand out markers and diapers (make sure to pick high-quality diapers) to each of them and let them be as creative as possible. Besides, mom and dad will constantly be reminded of the great baby shower they had when the baby starts wearing diapers.

Serve Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Alcohol-free cocktails, or mocktails, are a great idea for the pregnant mom who can’t drink alcohol while pregnant. You can decorate the drinks and use as many ingredients as you want, as there are great resources online for making alcohol-free cocktails. You can even set up a bar and let the guests make the cocktails themselves.

Plan a Kid-Friendly Baby Shower

If you want to organize a baby shower that’s a bit different than the typical one, you can make it kid-friendly. Although you won’t see kids at baby showers that often, this could be a nice opportunity for the little ones to welcome the new family member.

Besides, you can provide toys and let the kids enjoy their time without focusing too much on the location itself. Keep in mind that, when it comes to little kids and babies, plush toys are a favourite among Canadians.

Encouraging Words for a Future Mom

Most women who expect their first child may be nervous and a bit scared of how the motherhood journey will turn out to be. For that reason, all the guests can help the mom-to-be to feel calmer and more confident about what’s ahead.

You can ask the guests to write their kind words or tips in a Book of Wisdom and gift it to the mom. Here, everyone can write anything they found useful during their pregnancies or just anything warm and encouraging. Besides that, you can have a Basket of Wisdom going around that can be filled with some baby essentials.

Have Everyone Sign A Gift

This is one of the ideas for a baby shower that requires very little time and money. Instead of generic gifts, you can have each guest sign a picture frame, wooden initials of the baby’s name, or any other item that the parents will be looking at frequently. This gives it a special touch, as the gift will always remind the parents of the support their friends are there to provide.

Consider a Girls’ Night Out

Instead of gathering your friends at home and having a cozy afternoon inside, you can decide to be a little untraditional and take the mom-to-be and your friends out. You can go dancing or bowling, or simply dress up and head to a fancy restaurant and enjoy dinner. Basically, it’s up to you to decide what kind of night out you feel is the best for you – the only requirement is to enjoy it and have fun.

Focus on the Mom

Sometimes, the most important thing is to focus on the mom and pamper her the best you can. When should this be a good idea? If the friend you’re organizing a baby shower for it expecting her second or third child, then she probably has most of the things she’d need for the newborn. Therefore, you can let everyone know to prepare gifts for the mom!

These can be items the mom will need every day after giving birth, such as maternity pyjamas or useful skin and body products. Other than that, you can give her a gift card for a nice restaurant or a recipe book for some nice homemade baby food. It’s up to you, so feel free to be creative.

Play Games

One of the easiest ways to have fun at baby showers is to play games. For example, you can play “Who’s Who.” Each guest would be asked to bring a photo of their child, and during the game, the host would show a picture, and the guests would have to guess whose that baby photo is.

You can also play “Name a Song,” in which a lullaby is played, and everyone who can name it is given a point. There are many other games you can play at a baby shower, including “Guess the Price” and “Charades.”

The Bottom Line

There are so many fun and cute baby shower ideas out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Whether you’re planning a small, intimate gathering with family and friends or a large celebration with all your loved ones, there’s no shortage of great ideas for making the day extra special.

Going through our article can help you plan a baby shower from scratch or simply borrow some ideas that you like.


Who do you invite to a baby shower?

It’s completely up to you to decide who your guests will be. Usually, people invite friends, family, coworkers, and sometimes neighbours to a baby shower. The point of such a gathering is for everyone to come together and celebrate the baby that will arrive soon.

What are examples of baby shower themes?

There are many baby shower ideas, such as all-white baby showers, Boho-themed baby showers, or jungle-themed baby showers. Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to the popular ideas – you can always come up with your own original concept.

What do you do at a baby shower?

Depending on how the host organizes things, there are many things you can do at such an event. Other than socializing, people often play games and give presents to the mom.

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