25 Compelling Canadian Ebay Statistics for 2024

Saying that ecommerce has been on the rise lately may be an understatement. As one of the more popular online shopping platforms, eBay has taken the world by storm with its accessibility and wide range of products, eBay statistics confirm.

Do you ever wonder how many people shop on eBay in Canada? What are the products that people buy the most on this platform? Which age groups do the most shopping? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, it’s time to check out our Canadian eBay statistics.

The list of statistics that we’ve prepared will give you a close look into the most expensive items bought off eBay by Canadians, how many Canadian sellers are there on eBay, and more information that can be of great use to you.

Top 10 eBay Facts and Stats

  • The first item ever listed on eBay was purchased by a Canadian.
  • The eBay app has been downloaded over 476 million times.
  • The eBay website ranks among Canada’s top 50 websites.
  • Canadians spend 30% more on products related to Celine Dion than Justin Bieber.
  • Over 1% of traffic to eBay comes from Canada.
  • Only 1% of eBay sellers are based in Canada.
  • More than 500,000 luxury items are listed on eBay at any given time.
  • Canadians buy more items related to Trudeau Sr. than to Trudeau Jr.
  • The most expensive sneakers purchased by a Canadian on eBay were the Air Jordan 1 “What The” Doernbecher.
  • A Felix Ziem painting is the most expensive item ever sold by a Canadian.

Global eBay Stats

eBay sellers and buyers are spread out worldwide. In this section, we’ll be taking a closer look at the number of people who use eBay, how much time they spend on it, and more.

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1. eBay has over 180 million users worldwide.


Numbers from mid-2019 show that eBay had around 182 million users worldwide, which was a 1.11% rise since the previous quarter. What we know about eBay trends tells us that the users are spread out across 190 different markets worldwide.

2. The eBay app has been downloaded over 476 million times.


The eBay app is beloved by many, and recent data from 2019 shows that the number of downloads was approaching 500 million at the time. The app is top-rated in the US, and it’s estimated that it can be used to reach 6.27% of Android users worldwide. This is a much higher percentage than those recorded for Amazon (0.97%) and Walmart (1.78%).

3. The company has 54 offices across 31 countries.

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The impressive eBay growth rate is best evidenced by the fact that the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, and Belgium are just some of the countries where eBay has offices. In Canada, there is only one eBay office, and it’s located in Toronto. The Canadian office has over 180 employees.

4. Just 8.8% of eBay sellers are cross-border sellers.


Cross-border sellers are based in one country but sell most of their products to people in other countries. eBay sales statistics show that the steady rise in international shopping from 2013 to 2017 has been followed by a decline that started in 2018.

eBay Statistics Canada

In the following section, we’ll examine some statistics related to Canada’s buyers and sellers on eBay, as well as traffic the platform receives.

5. Only 1% of eBay sellers are based in Canada.


Available eBay users statistics from June 2020 suggest that Canada doesn’t rank too high on the list of countries where eBay sellers are based. Similarly to Canada, Hong Kong and France also take up 1% each of the global eBay sellers market.

Italy and Australia have a larger share, with 2% and 4% respectively. Finally, China (12%), Germany (15%), the United Kingdom (29%), and the United States (31%) were the top 4.

6. Over 1% of traffic to eBay comes from Canada.


eBay user statistics show that most of eBay traffic comes from the United States (76.47%), while Canadian shoppers account only for 1.63% of the total worldwide traffic to eBay. This might be somewhat surprising if we consider the fact that 28% of Canadian millennials shopped online in 2019 (and 37% of baby boomers), but we should remember that their attention was divided between a considerable number of ecommerce platforms.

Close to Canada are the United Kingdom (1.37%), Russia (1.26%), and Germany (1.01%). On average, people worldwide spend less than seven minutes on eBay, and they view around seven pages on the site per visit.

7. The average visitor spends less than 10 minutes on eBay Canada.


eBay traffic stats from the last six months show that the average user spends around six minutes on the eBay Canada website (5:57 to be precise). The average number of pages opened per visit is 8.41, while the average bounce rate is around 30%.

8. Fewer Chinese sellers are selling to the United States and Canada than in recent years.


The number of Chinese companies in the top 1,000 list of those selling to the United States and Canada significantly dropped, from 68 in 2020 to just 21 in 2021. That’s a 69% decline. eBay statistics for 2021 show that a similar thing happened with Chinese businesses selling to the United Kingdom and Europe. For the UK, the number has fallen by 61%, while for Europe, it dropped 73%.

9. Canada is eighth on the list of countries with the highest number of top eBay sellers.


eBay seller statistics show that the country with the largest number of sellers in the top 1,000 list is the UK, with 399 sellers. Canada ranked eighth on the list with only four sellers in the top 1,000. Landing second to seventh are the US (252), Germany (217), China (43), Australia (41), Hong Kong (14), and Italy (7).

10. More than 500,000 luxury items are listed on eBay at any given time.


Many rare finds can surprise you on eBay, and the ecommerce site has recently proven to be great for finding rare sneakers. eBay price trends show that the most expensive pair of sneakers as of April 16th, 2021, was a pair of Nike Air Jordan kicks listed for $150,000. What’s more, with eBay’s new authentication policies, you won’t have to worry if they’re the real deal or not!

11. The year 2020 saw a 325% rise in sneakers sales.


eBay sales trends show that 2020 was a significant year for sneakers because of the 325% rise in sales. This inspired eBay Canada to find a team of experts that will vet all sneakers listed for over $100. Additionally, data shows that a pair of sneakers is bought off eBay every 1.5 seconds in the whole of North America.

eBay Facts and Figures About Canadians’ Spending Habits

Now that we have examined some of the global statistics related to the platform, and hopefully given you a better idea of its size and scope, we can take a look at some Canada-specific stats.

12. Canadians spend 30% more on products related to Celine Dion than Justin Bieber.


Data provided by eBay Canada shows that Canadians like spending money on eBay on products related to Canadian celebrities.

The spiral staircase that the Canadian singer Celine Dion used in a Las Vegas performance was bought off eBay for nearly $14,000. Statistics about eBay further show that Justin Bieber’s Edmonton concert tickets and meet and greet with the star were the most expensive item bought by a Canadian on eBay. It cost that fan around $10,000.

13. Canada’s rare $25 bill can be found on eBay.


Not a lot of people know that Canada had a $25 bill. This bill was issued to honour the silver jubilee of King George V, who was the reigning monarch of Canada at that time (1935).

If you enjoy reading eBay fun facts, you might be interested to know that these bills can still be found on eBay for prices ranging between $5,000 and $43,000, depending on the condition.

14. Canadians buy more items related to Trudeau Sr. than Trudeau Jr.


If you’ve been wondering whether the current Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau Jr. is more popular than his father, the following eBay selling statistics could come in handy.

It seems that the current Prime Minister’s father is still in the hearts of many Canadian citizens, especially considering the fact that Canadians buy nearly four times more items related to Trudeau Sr. than Trudeau Jr.

15. Sir John A. Macdonald is the most famous prime minister.


If we agreed that the best measure of a prime minister’s popularity would be the amount of money that Canadian citizens are prepared to spend on the merchandise related to the prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald would be in the lead, according to eBay statistics for Canada.

Macdonald’s hand-signed vintage card was bought for almost $11,000. However, if the measure is the quantity of items people have purchased, Pierre Elliot Trudeau wins.

16. The first item ever listed on eBay was purchased by a Canadian.


Back in 1995, computer programmer Pierre Omidyar wrote a code for an “experiment” of his. The name was AuctionWeb before it became eBay and it’s one of the most widely known eBay fast facts that the first item ever listed was a broken laser pointer. Canadian Mark Fraser couldn’t afford a new laser pointer, so he bought the broken one for around $18 in hopes of getting it fixed.

17. The most expensive sneakers purchased by a Canadian off eBay were the Air Jordan 1 “What The” Doernbecher.


The colourful sneakers were sold to a Canadian for $66,000, making them the most expensive sneakers ever bought by a Canadian on eBay. Besides Nike, some other popular luxury sneaker brands favoured by Canadians include New Balance, Jordan, Adidas, and Yeezy.

18. A rare Canadian flag was bought off eBay for more than $2,000.


Like the patriots they are, Canadians love buying flags, especially when nearing Canada Day. eBay stats show that a rare early-1900s Canadian pre-Confederation flag with a Newfoundland and Labrador red design was purchased for over $2,000. A resident of Manitoba purchased the flag.

19. If they’re not buying Canadian flags, Canadians are buying British flags.


eBay sales statistics show that the flag that lands in the second spot for Canadians, after the Canadian flag, is the British flag. This is followed by the flags of the USA, Germany, Russia, and Ireland.

20. NWT is the territory where people bought most flags off eBay.


We’ve got more facts to show you that Canadians are a patriotic bunch! eBay selling trends are here to prove that. The territories and provinces that made it on the top five list, by the number of flags purchased are Saskatchewan, Alberta, NWT/Nunavut, Ontario, and Manitoba.

21. A charity power lunch is the most expensive item bought by a Canadian (firm).


Warren Buffet is mega-popular, and the fact that a Canadian firm bought a lunch with him for $2.3 million proves that. Statistics on eBay show that a painting by Russian painter Vasily Sitnikov was the second most expensive item bought by a Canadian ($570,000).

Finally, a round diamond solitaire ring was sold for $150,000, making it the third most expensive item.

 22. A Felix Ziem painting is the most expensive item sold on the platform by a Canadian.


The French painter’s work was sold for $260,000. The second place on the list of top three most expensive single items sold by Canadians is reserved for an Ivan Pavlovich Pokhitonov painting which sold for $190,000.

Surprisingly, it’s not a painting that landed in the third spot, but rather a watch. The Patek Philippe Rose Gold 5970R watch was sold for $160,000.

23. The eBay website lands among Canada’s top 50 websites.


Canadian eBay ranked number 43 on the list of top websites in Canada in all categories, as of March 2021. When it comes to the category “Ecommerce and shopping,” the website landed in the fifth spot, with Amazon Canada, Kijiji, Amazon, and Walmart Canada being in the first four spots.

24. The eBay app ranks 17th in Canada.


According to the latest eBay usage statistics, the eCommerce giant’s app landed in the 17th spot on the list of shopping apps on the Google Play Store in Canada as of April 19th, 2021. eBay’s competitor Amazon landed fifth on the same list. The first spot was reserved for the app Shein, while Shop and Wish were second and third.

25. Apple users like the eBay app more than Android users.


Data available for app rankings from April 19th, 2021, on iPhone shows that the eBay app ranked 16th on the list of top shopping apps in Canada. Apps like AliExpress, Amazon, Wish, and Shein are just a few of the apps that came before eBay on the list.


eBay is one of the ecommerce giants on the world market. Therefore, we hope that the list of statistics and facts about eBay we’ve presented here can help you further understand and deepen your knowledge of the company’s impact. Share your ideas on the topic with us, and stay tuned for more statistics on topics you’ll love!

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How many people use eBay?

The latest data shows that there are 183 million people worldwide who use eBay to buy things. Data from 2019 indicates that the eBay app is one of the top three ecommerce apps, right behind Amazon and Walmart.

(SmallBizTrends) (Statista)

How much does eBay make a year?

The company’s annual net revenue for 2020 was around $12.8 million. We can note that 2020 was a good year for eBay because the net revenue numbers for the previous years were lower: about $10.8 million for both 2018 and 2019.


How many sellers were there on eBay in 2020?

eBay has over 25 million sellers as of 2020. By nation, US sellers are the most prominent considering that there are over 7 million US-based eBay sellers.


What was the first thing ever sold on eBay?

The first thing ever listed and sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer. Back then, eBay was called AuctionWeb. This all started on Labor Day weekend in 1995 when Pierre Omidyar wrote code for what he considered an experiment at the time. He wanted to see what it would look like if a global marketplace existed.


What is the most expensive item sold on eBay?

Believe it or not, yachts are one of the things that can be found on eBay. As a matter of fact, a 405-feet-long yacht designed by Frank Mulder is the most expensive item ever sold on eBay. It was purchased by Roman Abramovich, a Russian oligarch and billionaire.

eBay statistics indicate that it cost Abramovich over $210 million to buy the yacht that includes features such as a master suite of 3000 sq. ft., ten multilevel VIP suites, a spa, a theatre, a jetstream swimming pool, and more.



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