18 Crucial Google Play Statistics for Canadian Users in 2024

There’s a place of endless Android apps, movies, music, books, games, and more — this magical place is called Google Play. Another stellar creation by Google, one of the most influential companies in the world.

What do Google Play statistics reveal about this highly profitable distribution service from the tech giant? Lucky for you, we have compiled the latest stats and facts about this popular app store to help you better understand.

Top 10 Google Play Statistics for 2024

  • It’s possible to reach over one billion active users by releasing an app on Google Play.
  • Google Play users downloaded a total of 108.5 billion smartphone apps in 2020.
  • Betting and gambling apps in Canada are now allowed on Google Play.
  • REALTOR.ca Real Estate & Homes is the highest-ranking Android app in Canada (House & Home category).
  • Out of the millions of apps on Google Play, over 24,859 are from Canadian publishers.
  • Canadian app developers have an average rating of 2.97 stars (out of 5).
  • On average, Canadian publishers’ apps get 376.76k downloads.
  • Google Play statistics from Canada show that ANT+ is the largest publisher of Canadian apps.
  • 53% of the leading news apps in the country are from Canadian publishers.
  • Canadian publishers account for 7% of the top business apps in the country.

General Google Play Statistics

What do the global statistics on Google Play reveal? Find out below.

1. Google Play users downloaded a worldwide total of 108.5 billion smartphone apps in 2020.


According to Google Play users statistics, this figure represented an increase from 2018, when the number stood at 76 billion. Naturally, since Google Play is accessible on a wider variety of devices than the Apple App, the latter produces fewer downloads.

2. Google Play statistics suggest that you can reach over one billion active Android users by releasing an app through their service.

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These Android users come from over 190 countries around the world. With the help of Google Play, you can earn money, get noticed, and successfully develop a global business. Moreover, the Play store is regularly updated and improved to help customers discover your apps or games.

3. Google Play Store statistics displayed that the second quarter of 2020 saw 28.7 billion app downloads.

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Comparatively, the iOS App Store had just 9.1 billion downloads during the same period.

Looking at the stats and facts, it’s evident that Google Play was the world leader of app downloads in 2020. Google Play vs. Apple Store statistics imply that the most significant reasons for this are the affordability and availability of Android devices.

4. Google Play statistics from Canada showed that app usage was up 39% between 2019 and 2020. 

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The COVID-19 pandemic played a considerable role in this giant spike in app usage. During the lockdowns of 2020, global stats revealed a 7% increase in the amount of time spent on mobile devices from just one year earlier.

Canada is the advanced economy with the highest proportion of people who expect to maintain higher app usage levels, with 23% believing that they will use streaming services such as YouTube more in the post-pandemic world, compared to only 14% of US users.

5. In Cooking Craze, the popular time management game, Big Fish Games utilized Android vitals to decrease crashes by 21%.


Google Play apps statistics note that the focus of Android vitals is to measure the efficiency and stability of your app’s performance. In 2017, an investigation of one-star reviews on the Google Play Store discovered that 50% cited bugs and app stability.

Google Play Statistics for Canada

Below, you’ll find some informative stats and facts regarding Google Play, such as how many Canadian app publishers there are, as well as discover some of the top-rated apps in the country.

6. Google Play stats reveal an expansion of access to betting and gambling apps, including Canada.

(Gadgets 360)

Google Play recently allowed betting and gambling apps in fifteen new countries, including Australia, Belgium, the United States, and Canada. Developers can create real-money gaming apps, daily fantasy sports apps, and in-app advertisements concerning real-money gambling.

It’s important to note that, unlike standard Google Play services, developers releasing gambling or betting apps in any of the eligible countries will need to complete a prior application process and perform some legal work.

7. REALTOR.ca Real Estate & Homes is the highest-ranking free Android app in Canada (House & Home category). 


From interior design to real estate, Canadians love their homes! Google Play numbers from 2021 show that the House & Home category app developed by the Canadian Real Estate Association was the most popular. Other top Canadian Google Play app titles were Hair Challenge, Slice it All!, Paper Fold, and Zoom Cloud Meetings.

8. Apps account for 78% of Canadian published apps, while games account for 22%.


Based on these Google Play Store statistics, we can see that the focus is on apps rather than games. At the same time, Canadian publishers devote 22% of their releases to games, compared to 13% of worldwide publishers.

9. Among the social media apps, TikTok ranks highest in Canada.


With a billion downloads and counting, TikTok is the most popular social media app in Canada.  Google Play Store stats reveal that the other top Canadian social media platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, also attained over one billion downloads.

Google Play App Publisher Statistics

Read on to learn how many app downloads Canadian developers and publishers have under their belt, which average rating they boast, and much more.

10. According to Google Play games statistics, Playrix has become the top Canadian gaming app publisher with around US$2.19 million in sales.


Additionally,  Google Play statistics in Canada reveal that Moon Active came in second with US$1.68 million in app revenue.

Other notable game publishers in January 2021 included King (with US$1.54 million in revenue), miHoYo Limited (US$1.44 million), Roblox Corporation (US$1.28 million), and LilithGames (US$1.2 million).

11. Out of the millions of apps on Google Play, over 24,859 are from Canadian publishers.


A few of the Canadian apps with the most downloads are Wealthsimple Trade: Buy & Sell Stocks, Shop: package & order tracker, Tim Hortons, and SkipTheDishes – Food Delivery.

Google Play download statistics note that The Home Depot Canada also topped the list (41.8% of Canadians chose Home Depot as their primary DIY and home improvement retailer), followed by Snapchat and PC Optimum.

One percent of all Google Play app publishers are from Canada.

12. Canadian app developers earned an average rating of 2.97 stars (out of 5).


Unfortunately, this rating is lower than the overall Google Play average of 3.43 stars.

According to Google Play app statistics, there are 3,169 ratings for apps published by Canadians — this figure is greater than the global average of 1,254 app ratings.

13. Google Play app download numbers indicate that Canadian publishers have an average of 376,760 downloads. 


It’s interesting to note that Canadian published apps have more downloads than the overall average total of 176,940. Furthermore, Google Play revenue statistics show that 15% of apps by Canadian publishers are paid, which is much higher than the 3% of total apps.

14. 50% of Canadian publishers’ apps are available on both iTunes and Google Play.

(42matters) (DRmare)

In general, Canadians put more energy into publishing on both Google Play and iTunes than the typical publisher — of which “only” 26% do so. Yet, Google Play device statistics show that the Play store can support more playback devices and platforms than iTunes.

15. ANT+ is the largest publisher of Canadian apps.


ANT+ owns eight apps that have a total download count of over 2.89 billion.

Google Play app download statistics discovered that the other titans in the Canadian app world include Snap Inc (total downloads of over 1.48 billion), Tango (over 280.37 million), and Pandora (over 274.92 million).

16. Canadian app publishers are responsible for 53% of the leading news apps in the country. 


The most popular news app in Canada is Canada Breaking News & Local News for Free by Safe Apps Inc (with over 9,000 ratings), followed by Breaking News: Local & Breaking News Near You (with almost 50,000 ratings).

According to facts about the Google Play Store, other popular news apps in the country include CTV News, Quora, Podcast Player, and CP24.

17. Canadian app publishers are responsible for 20% of the leading lifestyle apps in the country.


Google Play Store download statistics indicate that the American social media service Pinterest is the number one lifestyle app in Canada with over 500 million downloads.

Two of the top 10 Canadian published apps are Domino’s Canada and OLG Lottery, respectively charting at numbers seven and eight.

18. Google Play app stats indicate that Canadian app publishers produced 7% of the top business apps in the country.


ZOOM Cloud Meetings tops the list, with over 500 million downloads. Other popular business apps in the country include Microsoft Teams, Google Meet – Secure Video Meetings, and Microsoft Authenticator — over 10 million downloads each. Facts about Google Play also mention LinkedIn and Slack as some of the most downloaded business apps in the country.


Judging by these statistics and facts, Google has enriched people’s lives with its services and successfully dominated the industry with its creative ideas and effective business model.

Even though Apple appears to be doing better at first glance, Google is taking the world by storm and slowly conquering the market and IT industry one day at a time. Hopefully, these Google Play statistics were helpful, and if so, leave us a comment below!


How many apps are in Google Play?

In 2020, Android users could choose between 2.56 million different apps via the Play store. Through them, we can access music, meet romantic interests, organize our finances, and much more.

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How do I check my Google Play stats?

Checking your stats is easy and straightforward. Just open the Play Console — in either the app or the web version.

To view the status, open the Play console and go to “All Applications.” Next, pick the app you would like to check. After this, select either Dashboard or Statistics to check the performance of the app.

(Google Play)

How many users does Google Play have?

The number of active Android Google Play users is over one billion. These users are in over 190 countries around the globe.

Unsurprisingly, the Google Play Store had over three times the number of applications downloaded than the iOS App Store in the 2nd quarter of 2020 (28.7 billion vs. 9.1 billion), as shown by Google Play statistics.

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