How Big Is the Video Game Industry? — The Ins and Outs

Whether you’re passionate about League of Legends or just occasionally play games on your phone, chances are you’ve had some experience with the gaming industry. If you’re curious just how many people play these games and what some of the largest manufacturers are — keep scrolling to find out!

How Big Is the Video Game Industry?

In 2021, the total video game industry revenue for PC games was around $47.4 billion and $117.5 billion for mobile games. Furthermore, console games raked in about $63 billion, bringing the overall total to over $227 billion. 

Video Game Market Statistics

Below, you’ll find some stats and facts that will help explain how and why this industry dominates the entertainment market.

The video gaming industry is growing more and more every year.


Over the past few years, the increase in video game popularity has been quite drastic. From 2017 to 2019, the gaming industry has experienced a staggering 40% growth in revenue, making it one of the fastest-growing and most profitable economic sectors on the market.

There were over three billion gamers across the globe in 2021.


Although many people have likely played at least one video game in their life, only those actively playing games are considered true gamers. Furthermore, the statistics show that Asia is the largest market for video games, with over 1 billion active gamers.

China was the largest video game market in the world in 2020.

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What’s more, China expects to reach a turnover of over $89 billion in 2025. The US was close behind, with an estimated $46.5 billion in annual revenue. 

Japan was third on the list with approximately $23.5 billion, while Canada showed a respectable $3.8 billion in revenue for 2020.

Sony tops the list of the biggest video game companies in 2021.

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Following Sony’s success are Tencent and Nintendo, ranking second and third, respectively. Other honourable mentions include Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios, Activision Blizzard, and Electronic Arts.

The highest-grossing video game of the decade is “Minecraft.”

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Since its launch in 2011, Minecraft has been trending in the gaming community and has sold 200 million units worldwide. Other popular video games include “GTA V” (over 145 million units), “Mario Kart 8” (44 million units), and “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” (32.5 million units).


All in all, these stats indicate that the video game market has been a multi-billion dollar industry for many years. Plus, it’s constantly evolving. With technologies such as VR, it’s not likely that its popularity or value will decrease any time soon.


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