How Many PS5 Have Been Sold? — Sales Figures and More

The gaming industry has exploded in popularity in recent decades. Sony PlayStation consoles that made their debut appearance in the ’90s were one of the most significant trends in the gaming industry then and remain dominant until the present day.

Let’s check out the current statistics and find out about this console’s status today.

How Many PS5 Have Been Sold?

Sony PlayStation 5 is the newest Sony’s gaming console that sparked the interest of many gamers worldwide. As of October 2021, over 13 million PlayStation 5 consoles have been sold since the initial release. Now let’s dig even deeper into the facts regarding this launch.

PS5 Sales Numbers and Statistics

Whenever there’s a question about the number of sold units, we should always turn to statistics for answers. They’ll give us a better insight into the specifics of the console’s sales and show us how they’ve impacted the gaming industry.

PlayStation 5 consoles prices slightly differ in different parts of the world. 


The PS5 is available in Canada in many different stores, including Walmart, for $629.99.

The prices in other anglophone countries slightly vary. So, for example, the same console is sold for US$500 ($640.70) in the US, £449.99 ($773.37) in the UK, and AU$749.99 ($695.24) in Australia.

Sony had to slow down the PS5 production process due to component shortage.

(Gaming Intel)

So far, the global demand for this rendition of consoles has been staggering, and Sony scrambled to meet it. Despite the shortage, it was estimated that Sony would create and sell about 18 million PS5 consoles by the end of 2021.

Sony sold between 95,000 and 110,000 PS5 units in Canada in 2020.


The initial PS5 sales in Canada weren’t going so well compared to the other parts of the world. Still, the launch was undoubtedly successful from the first day. And, although seemingly marginal, people’s inclination towards the PS5 console was indisputably apparent.

Around 1 million PS5s found their home in the US on the launch day.


Thanks to brilliant marketing and increasing online shopping stats, Sony’s PS5 launch day went remarkably well. The demand in the US was extraordinary, judging by the number of sales, which has been increasing ever since.

PlayStation 5 outsold Xbox Series X by almost 6 million units.

(Gaming Intel) (GameSpot)

Xbox is certainly another leader in the gaming industry. However, although its new Series X console sold in about 8 million units worldwide, Xbox once again paled in comparison with Sony and its newest rendition of the iconic PlayStation sensation.


Without a doubt, Sony’s most profitable division is in the gaming industry. PlayStation 5 is just another very successful product that came out of Sony’s brainstorming whiteboards, and even now, a year later, it’s still one of the most in-demand devices in the modern market.


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