35 PlayStation Statistics With a Focus on Canada in 2022

If you’re old enough, then you can probably remember the deafening intro of the first PlayStation, and praying as a kid that the second screen would be “in one piece” and that you’ve chosen the right NTSC or PAL game that supports your TV.

Ah, childhood memories…

A lot of time has passed since then, and PlayStation statistics grew progressively more impressive, a lot of them being truly intriguing, with breath-taking sales numbers, limited edition consoles, game stats, and five different generations of consoles that have managed to bring smiles to millions across the globe.

So, let’s see what’s behind the success of the PlayStation and what the future holds for the console.

Top 10 PlayStation Stats and Facts

  • The original PlayStation turns 27 this December.
  • The PlayStation 2 is the highest-selling console of all time.
  • The PlayStation 4 is Sony’s second-best-selling console of all time.
  • Almost half of the Canadian console market share belongs to PlayStation.
  • Gaming was Sony’s most lucrative business segment in 2019 with $26.15 billion.
  • PlayStation 4 statistics show that 32.2% of PlayStation 4 owners also own an Xbox One.
  • With €47 million ($69 million) invested, Horizon Zero Dawn is the biggest piece of media ever produced in the Netherlands.
  • The PlayStation was the second console with memory cards.
  • Grand Theft Auto V is the most-played PS4 game with a total player count of 97,100,000.
  • The cheapest PlayStation 4 cost only €9 ($13.28).

Most Compelling PlayStation Facts

There’s a lot to know about the best-selling console brand of all time. Here are the essentials.

1. The PlayStation 2 is the highest-selling console of all time.


When talking about the most intriguing PlayStation 2 facts, we cannot forget about the console’s sales numbers. Not only because 157 million units sold during its lifetime is impressive on its own, but also because this made PlayStation 2 the highest-selling console ever.

2. The original PlayStation is 26 years old and actually started out as a Nintendo project for Sony, facts about the original PlayStation remark.

(Giant Bomb)

The idea was to create a CD add-on to the Super Nintendo, and the initial partnership was to begin in 1991, but Nintendo cancelled the deal as Sony would have the rights to every title release on the platform. Following this, Sony came up with the idea of developing a standalone system, and after a few concept rehauls and lawsuits, the 3D-focused console was finally released in 1994.

3. The driving simulator Gran Turismo was the best-selling game for the PlayStation with 10.85 million copies sold.

(Giant Bomb)

We can’t discuss PlayStation 1 facts without mentioning a few of the system’s best-selling games. Following the Sony-exclusive racing sim, Final Fantasy VII was the second best-selling game (10 million copies), while the third most-played game was the sequel to Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 2 with 9.37 million copies sold.

4. The PlayStation 4 is Sony’s second-best-selling console and “only” the fourth-best-selling console of all time.


With a fairly attractive overall sales number of around 115.2 million, the PlayStation 4 is nowhere near PlayStation 2 sales numbers, however, they were enough to boost the previous-gen console to the top 5. As the fourth most popular console, it was outsold only by the PS2, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy.

5. Data from February 2021 suggested that PlayStation was the largest brand name on the console market across the globe.

(Stat Counter)

When looking at the global market share of video game consoles, PlayStation statistics for 2021 boasted some pretty impressive figures. To be more precise, Sony had a breathtaking market share of 64.33%, while its most notable competitor, Microsoft, with its famous gaming console took second place with a market share of 35.56%. Third on the list was Nintendo, with the remaining 0.02%.

Canadian PlayStation Stats

Let’s see just how popular Sony’s gaming console is in Canada. We’ll take a look at a few statistics about sales numbers, player demographics and other interesting facts that you might not have known before. You will find a lot of interesting info, from classified ads selling consoles for $1,000, to data breaches and more.

Chart by Visualizer

6. As of September 2020, PlayStation 4 had sold 37.31 million units in North America.


In total, the fourth Sony console managed to sell around 113.16 million units across the world since its release in 2013. And even though the PS4 was, and is, a rather popular console in Canada and the US, sales facts about the PlayStation 4 suggest that it’s most popular in Europe, where it generated a total sales count of 47 million units.

7. Almost half of the Canadian console market share belongs to PlayStation.

(Stat Counter)

To be more precise, PlayStation statistics for Canada show that the split between the two major consoles is pretty much even, with the scale tipping towards the PS with a nice 51.09%.

8. The 2011 PlayStation data breach might have affected up to one million Canadian accounts.


On a global scale, the PlayStation Network had around 75 million accounts. Names, credit card data, and birthdays were stolen from users during the massive data breach. This is one of the most interesting facts about PlayStation because experts claimed this was among the five largest data breaches ever up to that point.

9. After going on sale in 2013, the PS4 was sold out within 24 hours in Canada and the US.

(Vancouver Sun)

One of the most impressive PlayStation statistics for Canada is that, just one day after the launch, the new console sold out, and classified ads in Canada started showing up shortly after, selling PS4s with asking prices of around $1,000. This effectively silenced the rumours that were going around at the time about console gaming dying out.

10. PlayStation is many Canadians’ go-to console.


According to the latest statistics, PlayStation is among the three gaming consoles Canadians play the most.

When it comes to purely online gaming, smartphones are the most popular gaming device with 66%, followed by tablets (43%), and desktops (40%).

11. In 2018, PlayStation Network was the fourth most popular virtual storefront.


In 2018, Canadians made purchases from 28 different gaming storefronts. This makes it all the more impressive that PlayStation store stats suggest that the PlayStation Network was the fourth most popular virtual storefront with a share of 25%. Apple App Store and Steam both boasted a respectable 26%, while Google Play took the lead as the most popular online gaming store with 30%.

12. The reach of PlayStation VR remains low in Canada.

(Mobile Syrup)

PlayStation VR stats point to surprisingly low household penetration rates. Namely, even though this technology is getting more popular and affordable by the day, only 8% of Canadians own a VR device like Samsung’s Gear VR or Sony’s PlayStation VR.

13. Even though the PS5 was only available for online purchase upon release, it still sold between 95,000 and 110,000 units in Canada.

(iPhone in Canada) (CBR)

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, sales were purely online for the latest PlayStation console. However, the available PlayStation 5 facts clearly show that the virus wasn’t really able to stop the PS5.

Quite the opposite, Sony managed to sell an estimated 2.1 million to 2.5 million units worldwide during the first two days of the console’s launch, nearly doubling its rival’s, Microsoft’s, sales numbers.

14. The PS5 is very popular in Canada.

(Screen Rant)

While the preference for the PlayStation 5 can be considered marginal with 57%, it’s still performing slightly better than Microsoft’s flagship console. These facts about the PS5 so far speak about the continuous dominance of Sony in the console world.

15. Canada only has a 3% PSN share.


However, these numbers translate into an average of 5,300,000 yearly active players. On the other hand, Canadians on the network mostly play Call of Duty (Modern Warfare), Minecraft, and GTA V.

Interesting Sony PlayStation Stats

After taking a look at some of the more general stats, we should also closely examine the sales numbers, features, memorable PlayStation firsts and even flops.

Chart by Visualizer

16. Gaming was Sony’s most lucrative business segment in 2019, with $26.15 billion dollars.


More precisely, this is the overall revenue generated from gaming and network services (like PSN). Even though Sony has a number of other important revenue streams, the PlayStation numbers clearly indicate the financial impact gaming makes on the company.

17. The original PlayStation sold around 104.25 million units.

(Guinness World Records)

During its 12-year life span (1994–2006), the first PlayStation did not only ensure that the future of console gaming was the CD, but it also managed to outsell its competitor (the Nintendo 64) by a whopping 71.32 million units.

18. The PlayStation 2 was the first console to sit horizontally or to stand vertically based on user preference.

(Game Rant)

Some facts about the PlayStation 2 seem pretty commonplace today but were revolutionary back in 2000. For instance, did you know that the logo could also be spun 90 degrees so it would display properly regardless of the console’s position?

19. Sony reintroduced backward compatibility with the PS5.

(Games Radar)

To the fans’ huge appreciation, backward compatibility is back with the PS5. This highly-anticipated feature was unfortunately discontinued with the PS3.

So, apart from the 8k resolution gameplay, one of the most intriguing facts about the PS5 is that you can easily play 99% of the titles released previously for the PS4.

20. Even the controllers are backward compatible with the PlayStation 5.

(Games Radar)

Or, to be more accurate, they are compatible as long as you are playing your old PS4 games on the new-gen console. To top this off and to please the fans even more, here’s another one of those highly intriguing PlayStation 5 facts, namely, the new console automatically remasters backward-compatible PS4 games without any developer input being required.

21. The cheapest PlayStation 4 cost only €9 ($13.28).

(Daily Mail)

A French teenager managed to buy one with an ingenious “masterplan” by weighing the console as if it was a huge bag of fruit after picking up the unit from the shelf and weighing it in the fruit section. Then, the youngster just put the “new” price tag on the console and headed to the checkout.

Try to remember this the next time you are reading through the millennial spending statistics claiming that this generation is not good with their money.

22. The PlayStation 3 was the least-acclaimed console from Sony so far.

(IGN) (Wired) (Gadgets 360)

With around 87.5 million units sold worldwide, it’s the weakest link in Sony’s console systems. However, disappointing sales aren’t the most discouraging PlayStation 3 facts. 

For starters, even the engineers behind the console agree that the asking price of US$599 ($752) in 2006 was a bad decision. On the other hand, there were a couple of promises that Sony failed to deliver with their third console. Backward compatibility and standard Wi-Fi connectivity for all versions are just some of those features.

23. The iconic O, Δ, X & □ symbols on the controller all have a meaning.

(The Fact Site)

When talking about interesting PlayStation facts and history, we should mention that the symbols on the controller aim to pay homage to the console’s 3D graphics (by the way, the symbols did not change since the first PS hit the shelves in 1994).

The triangle would refer to the direction one’s headed or viewpoint. The square aims to represent documents (or a piece of paper), while the X and O are for classic “Yes” and “No” decision making.

24. The first-ever HDMI port on a PlayStation caused problems for around 4% of the consoles after release.


When talking about PlayStation 4 facts, we must also mention the “dark side” of the cherished gaming console. More precisely, the HDMI port (after having inserted a cable in it) would turn off the image and start flashing blue lights. Sony later managed to fix the problem with an improved HDMI system.

25. The PlayStation was the second console with memory cards.

(The Guardian)

The first system was the SNK Neo Geo machine released in 1990. This might not seem as much compared to PlayStation stats from 2020, however, back then, the PlayStation’s 128k external card was a huge leap forward compared to the Neo Geo’s 2k-storage memory card.

26. From the first-generation system to PlayStation 4, Sony holds the record for the best-selling video game console of all time.

(One Esports)

From 1994 to 2019, PlayStation, PS2, PS3, and PS4, managed to generate overall combined sales of 450 million units worldwide. This is not the first “first” for Sony in terms of PlayStation sales numbers, as the PS1 was also the first console to surpass the 100 million sold units benchmark globally.

27. In terms of sales, the PS4 was the fastest-selling console to surpass the 100-million benchmark.

(GT Planet)

From 2013, PS4 has managed to record a sales average of 1.1 million per month up to mid-2019, when it reached the prestigious 100-million benchmark. In comparison, the original PlayStation needed 9.5 years to pull off the same.

Sony PlayStation Demographics, PSN Facts, and Game Trivia

Learn everything about the average PS player, PlayStation Network, and about the most successful games on the platform. Which is the most-played game on PSN? Which is the most-acclaimed game? Who are the PlayStation gamers?

Chart by Visualizer

28. PSN, or PlayStation Network had around 114 million monthly active users in 2020.


When talking about the most interesting PlayStation statistics, it’s almost mandatory to mention its online service, the PlayStation Network, initially launched in 2006. The network also has a dedicated store along with a subscription-based service called PlayStation Plus, which had around 36.3 million subscribers in 2018.

29. Grand Theft Auto V is the most-played PS4 game with a total player count of 97,100,000. 

(Games Stat)

This game is followed by Call of Duty: Black Ops III with a still impressive, but significantly lower total player count of 67,300,000; Rocket League with 53,200,000; and the ever-popular Minecraft, played by 52,100,000 people.

30. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One were the centre of attention in the Game of Thrones-themed three-part South Park special.


When it comes to the funnier facts about PlayStation 4, this South Park special is truly one of the best ways to depict the hype surrounding the launch of the previous-generation consoles. The show effectively highlighted the features of the consoles and the aggressive marketing campaigns of the two tech giants.

31. With €47 million ($69 million) invested, Horizon Zero Dawn, a PS4 exclusive, is the biggest piece of media ever produced in the Netherlands.

(Game Rant)

This game remains the single largest piece of media production originating from the country. The game’s highly positive reception signals that the investment from the creators at Guerilla Games was more than worth it. This budget leaves even the latest toy industry statistics in the dust.

32. Around 32.2% of PlayStation 4 owners also own an Xbox One.

(Gama Sutra)

Data from the Ampere Analysis reveals quite interesting PlayStation 4 statistics. Namely, 18.5% of PS4 owners also own an Xbox One X, a more powerful version of the Microsoft system.

Interestingly enough, cross-ownership is even more prevalent the other way around. PS4 player stats show that half (47.5%) of Xbox owners also have a PS4 and 27.4% have a PS4 Pro, the more powerful variant.

33. PS4 players play around 12 minutes less on their consoles compared to Xbox users. 

(MS Power User)

To be clearer, the gathered data suggests that PlayStation 4 stats, in terms of playtime, average out at around 2 hours and 15 minutes while Xbox users stretch their playtime to 2 hours and 27 minutes.

34. In terms of critical acclaim, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best game on the PlayStation 4, with an overall Metacritic score of 97/100.


Sharing the same score is another game from the creators of RRD2 (Rockstar Games), Grand Theft Auto V, while the third is Persona 5 Royal, with 95/100.

The fourth most popular game for the PS4 is actually a PS3 game, the remastered version of Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, The Last of Us.

35. PlayStation’s Wrap-Up returned in 2021.


This feature captures players’ different PlayStation stats, hours played, most-played games, time spent online and offline, trophies earned, and much more.

Naturally, to be able to see your stats, you need to have a PSN account, be older than 18, and have had to play at least 10 hours in 2020. Of course, considering the lockdowns last year, playing for 10 hours shouldn’t have been a huge challenge.


Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading about these facts about the PlayStation just as much as we did writing them.

It’s simple to see why the PlayStation franchise is among the most popular gaming consoles of all time. With being at the forefront of innovation and trying to push the boundaries of gaming online and offline, Sony is currently sitting on the throne of the console empire, with Microsoft being its only true competition.

Even though the original PlayStation wasn’t the first console to utilize the CD-ROM technology, it has probably become the most popular CD-based platform since.


How many PS4s have been sold?

According to the latest available data, the numbers indicate that the cumulative sales of the latest-gen console have risen to around 114 million sold units as of Q4 of 2020.

On the other hand, 2021 data from IGN suggested that the console had sold over 115.2 million units. Even though sales were stronger in the third and fourth years of the console’s life span, they remained relatively strong to this day, making it Sony’s second most successful console after the PlayStation 2, which managed to sell over 157 million units back in its day.

(Statista) (IGN)

Who invented PlayStation?

Originally, Sony Interactive Entertainment launched the console. The most well-known figure behind the PlayStation is Ken Kutaragi, often referred to as “The Father of PlayStation”, but also known as “Crazy Ken” among his colleagues, for his occasionally over-ambitious ideas.

(Video Games Chronicle)

How old is the PlayStation?

The oldest and first version of the console, often only referred to as “the PlayStation” was released on December 3, 1994, making it 26 years old. The console hit the North American market a year later, in September 1995.

(Giant Bomb)

How many PS4 users were there in 2020?

If we are going by sales numbers alone, then it’s safe to say that the number of users surpassed the 100 million benchmark, with 2021 sales data suggesting that more than 115.2 PS4 gaming consoles were sold.


What is the rarest PlayStation?

Without a doubt, the rarest PlayStation from the previous-gen lineup is the Hitman PlayStation 4 Console—Agent 47 Briefcase model, only one of which was created.

However, if you’re interested in the rarest PlayStation of all time, there’s only one option, which is also the world’s rarest console—the Nintendo PlayStation, with bidding prices as high as US$31,000 when it was up for auction last year. While these units are rarely part of the overall PlayStation statistics, they are truly exciting additions to the most successful console line of all time.

(The Sun) (The Gamer)


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