20 Engrossing Reddit Statistics for Canadian Redditors in 2024

Canada might not be the largest country cited in Reddit statistics. However, it’s still a desirable market for both Reddit as a company and Redditors as a community. By searching the web for relative stats and facts, we will see how widespread the social news aggregator is in Canada.

After crunching the numbers, we hope to discover the average time users spend on Reddit and an accurate total of how many Redditors are currently in Canada.

Continue reading to find out why Reddit has recently set up camp in Toronto.

Top 10 Reddit Statistics for 2024

  • 52 million people actively use Reddit every day.
  • There were 303.4 million posts in 2020, according to Reddit post stats.
  • On March 29th, 2021, Reddit opened an office in Toronto, Canada.
  • Canada is third in the number of total Reddit users.
  • Reddit user stats estimate that there are 5.27 million users in Canada.
  • 14% of Canadian Redditors identify as LGBT.
  • The best time to post on r/Canada is 3 PM on a Sunday.
  • Reddit gender statistics show that 59% of users are male.
  • Reddit’s popularity increased in the early 2010s due to its competitors’ design flaws.
  • There were approximately 2.2 million subreddits in 2020.

International Reddit Statistics 

Reddit is predominantly a social news aggregation that launched in California in 2005. Today, the discussion website is trending internationally, numbering hundreds of millions of posts annually, with tens of millions of users logging onto Reddit daily.

1. Reddit revenue went from US$8 million in 2014 to US$170 million in 2020.


Between 2016 and 2017, Reddit’s revenue doubled from US$25 million to US$50 million. The company’s revenue growth has skyrocketed in recent years, placing it at US$170 million in 2020.

The company also doubled in value between 2019 and 2021, putting its current value at US$6 billion.

2. According to Reddit post stats, there were 303.4 million posts shared on the site in 2020.


This impressive number of total annual posts displays an average year-to-year increase of 52.4%. In 2018, there were 153 million posts, and that figure increased to 199 million in 2019. Remarkably, the number of posts on Reddit doubled in over just two years!

3.  Reddit statistics from 2020 indicate that the average user spent 10 minutes and 23 seconds on the site.


During these 10-plus minutes, the average Reddit user visited around eight (different) pages. However, the total bounce rate is pretty high (38.5%), which indicates that four out of 10 users left the site after opening only one page.

4. Reddit user statistics put the number of daily users at 52 million.


Every day, 52 million people access Reddit. By comparison, there were roughly 36 million users in October 2019. Data shows that the daily active user count increased by 44% from 2019 to 2020—a true testament to the forum’s global popularity.

5.  Reddit statistics show that more than 1 billion native videos are viewed every month. 


Once Reddit introduced video hosting, nearly 25% of the videos posted were native—meaning that users uploaded them directly to the site.

Since January 2018, the growth rate of native videos has been 38%. Surprisingly, the number of native videos has surpassed the number of Youtube links on Reddit.

Reddit Statistics for Canada

Canada is one of Reddit’s most important foreign markets, as Canadians spend the most time on the platform. So, let’s find out about some more interesting quirks and habits of these devoted Redditors.

6. r/Canada Reddit demographics show that the majority (62%) of its users are aged 25–39.


The results of a 2019 study revealed that only 1% of r/Canada users were aged 70 or older. The 55–69 age group isn’t much bigger as it stands at 2% of the r/Canada userbase. What’s more, those under 18 don’t seem to be using the subreddit much either (4%).

7. Reddit user stats estimate that there are 5.27 million users in Canada.


One look at the regional distribution of Reddit’s userbase shows that Reddit is beyond doubt most popular in the United States, numbering 221.98 million users. Australia is second with 17.55 million users, while Canada is tenth, between Portugal and Singapore.

8. Over the last five years, Canadians searched for the term “Reddit” more than any other country.

(Google Trends)

Although Canadians don’t even make 8% of Reddit’s traffic, the term “Reddit” has been searched for most in Canada. When it comes to Reddit fun facts, the US is the third country whose citizens are most interested in searching for the term “Reddit” online.

9. Reddit gender demographics show that 12.8% of Canadian men had an account in 2017.


In October 2017, 1,500 respondents took part in a survey to determine how many Canadians had a Reddit account. The results showed that 12.8% of Canadian men had a Reddit account, as opposed to only 4.1% of women.

10. On March 29th, 2021, Reddit opened an office in Toronto, Canadian.


According to  Reddit stats, Canada is its third-largest user base after the US and the UK. Therefore, it was only natural that Reddit located management, sales, community, and engineering teams in Toronto.

11. An overview of Reddit users by country indicates that Canada is third in total users.


Coinciding with the figure that 7.76% of Reddit’s desktop traffic comes from Canada, 6.4% of Reddit’s userbase is Canadian. The UK has 1.5% more users, while nearly 50% are in the United States.

12. Reddit statistics from 2021 indicate that Canadians spent 31 minutes a day on the forum. 


The fact that the average Canadian spends three times more on Reddit than the average international user is impressive on its own. However, this figure becomes quite apparent when we consider that Reddit is the most popular social app in Canada in terms of in-app time.

13. Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal can boast some of the most visited city subreddits.


Reddit Statistics for Canada from 2019 show that city subreddits in Canada are pretty popular. For instance, Toronto was the 4th most popular subreddit city after London, New York, and Seattle.

Two years ago, the Toronto subreddit had 173,569 members, while Vancouver had a little over 150,000 members. Calgary and Montreal, respectively, had more members than Berlin.

14. Reddit user demographics put the income of the average r/Canada user between $50,000 and $99,999 per year.


40% of Canadian Redditors fall into this category, and an additional 31% earn $100,000 to $199,999 annually. The users’ group whose household income is over $200,000 is presently at 10%.

15. Among many interesting facts on Reddit is that 85% of r/Canada users have completed or enrolled in post-secondary education.


This percentage of educated Redditors is even more impressive when we consider that according to a 2016 census, only 54% of Canadians had a college degree.

Demographics of Reddit also show that 39% of r/Canada users are in the process of attaining a bachelor’s degree, which corresponds with the reasonably young user base that mainly consists of Gen Z’ers.

16. Reddit stats for subreddit r/canada put the total number of daily comments at 3,004.

(Subreddit Stats)

Since the subreddit has 950,232 subscribers, this translates into 0.000145 comments per subscriber. There are 69 posts every day, which are voted on 5,365,234 times. Post gildings are at 92.

Fun Facts About Reddit in Canada

Finally, let us move away from numbers and see some mind-blowing facts about Reddit in Canada.

17. Subreddit activity stats show that many Canadians visit subreddits looking for financial advice.


For trendy millennials and Gen Z’ers, googling is the solution to every problem. However, Canadians have turned to Reddit to solve their financial issues.

Namely, r/PersonalFinanceCanada Subreddit—with over 235,000 members, implying Canadians trust Reddit to solve their financial hardships.

18. Weird facts about Reddit include quirky maps of Canada.


The trend of funny maps is sweeping the Internet, and Canadian Redditors are in on the joke. If you’re looking for a laugh, you can find maps that show which parts of Canada “Hate Toronto” and regional maps of the legal drinking age (over or under 19).

19. Based on subreddit traffic stats, the best time to post on r/Canada is 3 PM on a Sunday.


We have already revealed that Canadians stay on Reddit longer than Americans (or any other nation, for that matter). Folks who wish to increase their posts’ outreach should do so on a Sunday, at 3 PM—the peak hour for Redditors on r/Canada.

20. Demographics of Reddit users from Canada show 14% of users are LGBT.


As many as 83% of Redditors identify as straight when it comes to sexual orientation. Among those who identified as LGBT (14%), the largest group chosen was bisexual (8%).


In the end, we can see that Reddit undoubtedly considers Canada as a viable market for their business. They have made this clear by recently opening an office in Toronto to serve more than 5 million local users.

After all, the statistics listed above label Canadian Redditors as some of the most loyal. And it seems like the good folks at Reddit’s Californian HQ have recognized this by working hard to expand their userbase and support in Canada.

Hopefully, 2022 will be a record-breaking year for Reddit in Canada!


How many subreddits are there?

Estimates show that there were 2.2 million subreddits in 2020. The number of subreddits has been steadily growing since Reddit’s launch way back in June 2005.


When did Reddit become popular?

Although it launched in 2005, Reddit didn’t become popular until the early 2010s. After two similar news aggregators and social news sites, Digg and Slashdot fell out of favour with their followers.


How popular was Reddit in 2020?

In 2020, Reddit was the seventh most popular social media app in the United States. Canadian Reddit statistics from December 2020 show that only 7.76% of desktop traffic came from Canada, which was substantially less than the 49.32% of traffic coming from their neighbours to the south.

(BackLinko) (Statista)

What is the average age of Reddit users?

Based on data from half a decade ago, 64% of Reddit’s users were between 18 and 29 years old, which means Reddit had a reasonably young userbase.

Furthermore, 29% of Reddit users were in the age group from 30 to 49. The age group from 50 to 64 made up a meagre 6%, while folks over 65 years old were a negligible 1% of Reddit’s userbase.


How much is Reddit worth?

As of May 2021, Reddit’s estimated net worth was close to US$2 billion! An impressive figure for an online company.

Reddit has invested US$200 million in vеnturе fundіng since 2015 under the leadership of CEO, Ѕtеvе Нuffmаn. The rest of Reddit’s wealth has grown through web content rating, ѕосіаl nеwѕ аggrеgаtіоn, and the dіѕсuѕѕіоn wеbѕіtе.


Who uses Reddit the most?

Young, educated males use Reddit the most. Reddit gender statistics show that 59% of users are male. As mentioned before, most of them are under 30, and 46% of Reddit’s users have at least a college degree. Moreover, 40% of users have a high school degree.


How many users did Reddit have in 2020?

In 2020, Reddit had more than 430 million users who logged in at least once a month. Compared to 2019 data, Reddit statistics reveal a significant increase in the number of Reddit’s monthly active users of a whopping 30.3%.

An even more impressive figure is the monthly user growth from 2015 to 2019—a staggering 258.33%!



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