Privacy & Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy describes the way in which (from now on referred to as “Website,” “Site,” “we,” “us”) uses, protects, or discloses the information it collects. Here, the collected information stands for personally identifiable information, as well as anonymous data collection and reporting.

Please go through our Privacy Policy before using the Site. 

What Information We Collect 

When it comes to personally identifiable information, our collection can include but is not limited to your email address and your name. Please note that we cannot gather personally identifiable information unless given your explicit permission.

We might gather non-personally identifiable data, such as information about the device you are using, the interactions with the Website, as well as your IP address. For more details, visit our Cookie Policy. 

Finally, we might also gather anonymous, non-sensitive information, such as website statistics. Such information is used for statistical and internal purposes only. Rest assured that we cannot use this type of data to acquire your personally identifiable information. 

How We Use Collected Information

The data we collect is for internal purposes only. As mentioned above, we would like to request you to provide us with that information. The primary reason why we collect this data is to improve your browsing experience. The collected information is also used to create and post content that is more relevant to you. 

In addition, we may use the gathered data to test the effectiveness of an advertising campaign— for statistical and analytical purposes. We might also use this information to meet the contractual or legal requirements. 

No promotional emails will be sent to you unless you sign up for that service, thus giving us your explicit permission. 

Who We Share Collected Information With

We only share the information we have gathered under the following circumstances:

  • When required to do so under law or regulation
  • To protect the rights and intellectual property of
  • If our records point to any deceitful, fraudulent, or unlawful activity that we are to notify the government or regulatory agencies about
  • If your activity on the Website is harmful to others. 

Security of Gathered Information

Security measures, both appropriate and applicable, are in place. These measures are here to avert your information from being collected or shared without consent. 

External Links Policy

Links to external websites are featured on the Site. As stated in our Terms of Use, we do not take responsibility for third-party sites’ conduct and content. We also are not accountable for protecting your privacy or the data you are providing external sites with. 

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small bits of information that are sent from a website. The web browser of your choice stores them on your computer (or any other device). Cookies are there to monitor your activities on the Website, as well as your visits. The purpose of using them is to personalize and optimize your browsing experience. Note that cookies do not give viruses, and they cannot run programs. We also cannot gather any individual or sensitive information through them. 

Now, you can opt for the use of cookies or decline them. The majority of web browsers accept cookies automatically. That said, you can always opt out. In order to decline the use of cookies, you will need to change the settings in your web browser. Keep in mind that disabling them might affect your experience of the Website and its features. 

Disabling Cookies

Below, you will find the links to disable cookies in the web browser of your choice. Once you have clicked one of these links, you will be given elaborate instructions on how to change specific settings to disable and delete cookies.