Useful Calyx CBD Reviews for Canadians in 2022

Affordability: 8
Potency: 9
Recognition: 10
Variety of products: 8
Pet-friendly: 10

Overall Score: 9.2

Price: From $17.00 to $299.00

  • An extensive catalogue of CBD products
  • Great pet-friendly products
  • Very effective for relief of pain, anxiety, and depression
  • Can improve quality of sleep
  • Helpful with digestion and bloating

  • Prices for some products can be a bit steep
  • As of now, there are no lab test results available online

If you’re searching for a quality CBD product to ease your anxiety, soothe your aching joints, or help you get a restful night’s sleep—then you’ve come to the right place! Many Calyx CBD reviews support this brand’s ability to accomplish all of the above.

Below, we’ll take an in-depth look at this company and its entire product line.

Calyx CBD Reviews: About the Brand

Calyx Wellness is a Toronto-based CBD brand owned by Danielle Blair. It’s the first Canadian specialty shop that offers hemp-extracted CBD isolate products, including capsules, creams, oil tinctures, and bath bombs.

The company has reached new heights since its humble beginnings in 2015, expanding to two locations in Ontario, plus you can find its products in hundreds of retailers worldwide.

This brand’s impact on the CBD industry is evident through its many satisfied customers’ positive Calyx Wellness reviews.

It’s built on a foundation of personal experience and compassion. The owner, Danielle Blair, researched and created a CBD formula to help her husband, who was suffering from symptoms related to a brain tumour.

The results were so beneficial to her husband’s recovery that she decided to share her product with the world.

Calyx Wellness Reviews: Key Features and Experiences

In this next section, we’ll discuss the main features of Calyx CBD products and share some opinions based on our experience, available data, and other users’ feedback.

Then we’ll analyze the critical factors, such as the price, overall potency, media recognition, medical benefits and using Calyx Wellness products for pets.

Price Points of Products

The first thing that we’ll discuss is the prices. Unfortunately, this has been the topic of a few negative responses from online Calyx CBD reviews.

Although the prices can range from $17 to around $300, we believe this is fair as these are top-notch products made with high-quality ingredients.

The prices, according to the official website, are as follows:

  • $30 – $80 for CBD products for pets
  • $30 – $299 for CBD oils
  • $55 for the Calyx CALM CBD spray
  • $60 – $110 for CBD capsules
  • $65 – $99 for CBD lotions
  • $17 for CBD bath bombs
  • $40 for SOOTHE Beard CBD oil

Some of these prices can seem a little steep at first glance, especially for people with a limited budget. However, as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” Plus, Calyx is unique for its highly concentrated CBD products that contain no THC.

Product Potency

For a CBD product to be effective, it should be made with high-quality ingredients and taken in the proper dosage. Calyx CBD oil, and its other products, are made with hemp-derived CBD isolate and have all proven to be effective based on our tests and the experience of other users.

The effect usually takes place soon after the application. But for some, multiple applications may be required for maximum results.

Recognition and Media Appearances

Big media names, such as The Independent and Vice, have featured the brand in their publications. This recognition, combined with many positive Calyx CBD reviews, has helped the company build a solid reputation.

Aside from those mentioned above, other publications have featured Calyx in their articles. These include HuffPost, Elle Magazine Canada, Vogue UK, and Yahoo Style.

Medical Benefits

There are multiple mental health benefits from using Calyx CBD products. For instance, it’s an excellent option for reducing anxiety and makes a superb depression reliever. Aside from that, it has also been shown to ease the physical pain of many users.

Furthermore, Calyx CBD products can help with digestion issues, bloating, and stomach discomfort.

Calyx Focus CBD oil has proven effective against eczema. It has also shown remarkable results in arthritis treatment, even relieving symptoms within a matter of minutes.

Calyx CBD and Pets

Calyx Wellness also has formulas to help naturally improve the health of our furry friends.

Calyx CBD oil for dogs has shown tremendous results in helping dogs recover more efficiently and quickly after traumatic surgical procedures. Their unique line of products for pets offers relief of physical pain and can also help them relax and relieve anxiety.

Alternatives to Calyx CBD Oil in Canada

Although the main goal is to highlight key features and show you the health benefits of using Calyx Wellness products, it’s essential to make a few comparisons.

Let’s see how well it holds up against the competition!

Calyx Wellness vs CBDNorth THC-free Oil

One of Calyx Wellness’s competitors on the Canadian market is CBDNorth. This company has been around for a while and is considered one of the country’s most trusted brands.

CBDNorth’s catalogue features oils, isolates, topicals, edibles, sleep aids, anxiety and pain relievers, and products for pets.

Furthermore, its products come from hemp farmed locally in Canada. They, much like Calyx, offer multiple THC-free options, as well as those with traces of THC.

Mostly every Calyx Heal Plus review will indicate that its oil is a customer-favourite—offering anti-inflammation properties, pain relief, relaxation, and can ease anxiety. It’s a tincture containing a medium to high concentration of CBD oil.

Although they perform similarly, one significant difference between the two is the prices. CBDNorth’s THC-free oil can go from $120 per 2000mg, while Calyx Heal Plus tincture costs $145 per 2000mg.

As you can see, Calyx’s oil is a bit pricier. However, the quality, our terrific experience, and many positive testimonials regarding this top-seller might just make up that slight difference.

Calyx Wellness vs CBD Magic

CBD Magic is another strong contender and is most recognized for its full-spectrum oils. However, Calyx Heal CBD tincture is an excellent alternative to CBD Magic’s product.

As opposed to CBD Magic’s tincture, Calyx’s option is beginner-friendly. It’s important to mention that users should start with small doses, but those who regularly use CBD can dose to their own preference.

The price of these two products is quite similar. However, our research suggests that CBD Magic’s Pure Oil is for those with previous experience using CBD products.

Furthermore, CBD Magic should be taken in the morning and at night, splitting the dosage accordingly. However, this isn’t mandatory when using the Calyx CBD tincture as long as you’re healthy and cautious.

Calyx Wellness vs ResolveCBD

Pets are essential members of many households around the country. That’s why it’s vital to make sure they’re always both mentally and physically healthy.

Companies like Calyx Wellness and resolveCBD know how valuable our fur babies are to us. That’s why they both have a separate category of products specifically for them.

Calyx Relief CBD Pet tincture is an excellent option for your pet’s health and comes in three different flavours — unflavoured, chicken and bacon. Its ingredients consist of MCT oil and hemp-extracted CBD, so you’re getting a top-quality THC-free product.

ResolveCBD’s alternative is somewhat more complex and all-inclusive, however. Their website allows you to see charts regarding dog sizes and find the recommended dosage for each. They also offer three flavours, but in their case, it’s salmon, bacon and natural flavour.

Calyx CBD for dogs is a pretty popular and well-received category among their customers. It’s helped many dogs recover from intense surgeries and calm them down. Judging by many positive experiences, it’s currently one of the best CBD oils for dogs out there.

Price-wise, both companies’ pet products start at around $30 per 250mg.


Now that we’ve reached the end of our Calyx CBD review, we hope you’ve found it helpful in deciding whether or not you should purchase one of this unique brand’s products.

Although some of the company’s items can be a bit pricey, we think the quality is worth the investment if you’re not on a tight budget.


Is Calyx CBD full spectrum?

No, all of their products are made with hemp-derived CBD isolate.

If you’re interested in knowing the difference, allow us to explain. Full-spectrum CBD contains all compounds found in the cannabis plant, such as cannabinoids (THC and CBD), terpenes, and flavanoids. Broad-spectrum CBD removes the THC but keeps the other compounds.

Whereas CBD isolate, like those used in Calyx products, removes all compounds except for CBD.

Where are Calyx Wellness products made?

All of the Calyx CBD products are made in Canada. Moreover, they are completely organic, non-GMO, and hemp-extracted high-quality CBD isolate.

What makes Calyx CBD unique?

According to our research and Calyx CBD reviews, the brand was built on a foundation of personal experience and compassion. The owner, Daniel Blair, researched and created a CBD formula to help her husband, who was suffering from symptoms related to a brain tumour.

The results were so beneficial to her husband’s recovery that she decided to share her product with the world.

Overall Score: 9

Price: From $17.00 to $299.00

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