Chefs Plate Review: Everything You Need To Know

Food variety: 8
Ease of preparation: 9
Delivery time: 8.5
Value: 10

Overall Score: 9.2

Price: From $45.96/week

  • Excellent food variety
  • Very affordable
  • Free delivery for most meal plans
  • 100% recyclable packaging

  • No special diet options other than vegetarian

Have you ever wished that you could have a personal chef to cook for you every day? Well, Chefs Plate won’t give you that, but at least they’ll help you become one more easily.

This Toronto-based meal delivery service sends pre-portioned and pre-packaged meals right to your doorstep, leaving you with just one job – cooking them by following detailed yet simple instructions. But is it worth the price? Keep reading our Chefs Plate review to find out.

About Chefs Plate

Chefs Plate was founded in 2014 with the goal of making it easy for people to enjoy fresh, healthy, and delicious meals at home. Although stats show that the restaurant industry has been booming in Canada lately, many people still prefer home cooking but don’t have time for shopping.

This is where Chefs Plate steps in. The company offers a wide variety of meal kit options that make it simple and convenient for customers to cook great food at home.

Chefs Plate sources its ingredients from local farmers and suppliers, which helps ensure that its meals are of the highest quality. The Toronto-based company has been a part of the HelloFresh family since it was acquired in 2018, but it still operates under the old brand, representing a simpler, more budget-friendly alternative to HelloFresh.

Chefs Plate Menu

Canada may produce 85% of the world’s maple syrup, but we still have discerning palates for more than just sweet treats.  Although not the most outstanding selection on the market, Chefs Plate offers plenty of different meals to suit most tastes and dietary preferences.

There are 23 tasty recipes each week, and the selection is diverse enough that finding a unique meal each day shouldn’t be a problem, especially since new recipes come around every week.

The company also makes it easy to filter your selection of Chefs Plate meals. You can narrow down your selection as per the following three categories: Meat & Vegetables, Vegetarian, and Family-Friendly.

Regardless of the meal you choose, all of the ingredients are insulated and neatly packaged, which preserves them perfectly even if you don’t put them in the fridge right away. The Meat & Vegetables packages have the largest variety of recipes and guarantee several protein-rich offerings, including fish, while not forgetting about tasty salads and sides.

As their names imply, the Vegetarian menu includes lots of fresh veggies, fruit, and whole grains, while the Family-Friendly meals feature some kid favourites that might even get the youngsters in on preparing a Chefs Plate recipe or two.

If you’re thinking, “Is Chefs Plate healthy for my kids?” the answer is a resounding yes – everything in your neatly prepared packaging box comes to your kitchen straight from Canada’s best farms, and every product comes with a healthy calorie balance, including protein, carbs, and fats.

How Does It All Work?

No matter what dishes or plans you choose, you can get two or four servings and decide how often you want your meals each week (two to five days per week for plans with two servings and two to four days per week for family-oriented four-pack kits).

If you’re wondering how to cancel Chefs Plate, that’s simple too:  The system is based on weekly orders, but you can skip any week you don’t feel like ordering easily; just make sure to do it by Wednesday the week before.

Once you’ve ordered something, it will arrive by 8 p.m. on the day you’ve selected for delivery. That said, the company starts deliveries at eight in the morning, so unless you live particularly far or some other mishap occurs, you should get your meal much earlier during the day.

As we mentioned earlier, packages arrive insulated with ice packs, so you won’t have to worry if you’re home late from work and your delivery has been sitting around for a while.

Most Chefs Plate recipes require 15 to 30 minutes of prep time, so you won’t need to dedicate an entire afternoon to prepare them. Better still, you’ll get a Chefs Plate recipe card with each package or can use the company’s handy mobile app for easy-to-follow cooking instructions. Our only complaint is that no special diets other than vegetarian are supported.

Chefs Plate Pricing

Having discussed the menu and the ordering and delivery processes, let’s get into the aspect you’re probably the most interested in – the price. Is Chefs Plate Canada’s most affordable meal delivery service? That depends on many factors, but the company undoubtedly offers affordable meals compared to most competitors.

So, how does it work? We’ve already talked about the ordering options: you can pick between two and four portions per meal and choose whether to have them delivered two, three, four, or five days a week.

Yes, that means you won’t get food for one person or larger families without doubling up your order in some way, and you won’t be able to get meals for the entire week. But, what about the costs?

They vary based on portion count, but the price won’t change based on your preferred meal type, regardless of whether you are a consummate carnivore or want one of Chefs Plate’s vegetarian meals.

You effectively pay $9.99 or $8.99 per serving, depending on whether you’re ordering two or four servings. Shipping is free in all situations except when ordering two servings only two days per week.

Even better, there are various Chefs Plate deals available all the time. For example, one of the promotions available at the time of writing halves the cost of your first two boxes. This Chefs Plate promo can save you a nice amount of money, and combined with free shipping, it lets you try out the service at a very approachable price.

Speaking of prices, here’s a table to help illustrate the company’s offer better. Keep in mind that these are standard rates, with no Chefs Plate discounts factored in.

Number of servings  Meals per week Cost per serving Shipping Total Cost


2 $9.99 $6.00 $45.96
3 $9.99 N/A $59.94
4 $9.99 N/A $79.92
5 $9.99 N/A $99.90
4 2 $8.99 N/A $71.92
3 $8.99 N/A $107.88
4 $8.99 N/A $143.84

Chefs Plate Customer Service

The company has an excellent FAQ section, with detailed answers to most questions you may have. Should that prove insufficient, you can get in touch with a Chefs Plate contact through live chat on the website or a toll-free number at 1-833-608-0883.

The staff at Chefs Plate reviews all complaints regularly and takes them very seriously. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to also reach out at any time if there’s a mix-up with your order or something else goes wrong.

How Does Chefs Plate Fare Against the Competition?

Generally speaking, Chefs Plate is an affordable service with a very nice range of products for the price.

For example, if we compare it to its fellow Canadian competitor, Fresh Prep, Chefs Plate is more affordable and offers a wider range of meals. Moreover, in the Chefs Plate vs. HelloFresh match-up, the latter offers a larger distribution network and many more meal options, but at an even higher price.

For example, Fresh Prep’s meal kits range from $10.50 to $13.50, though all deliveries are free, regardless of the package size. You can get between two and four deliveries per week, and in comparison, Chefs Plate offers up to five, although the weekly menu is also smaller.

As for HelloFresh, your options here are three to five servings per week for either two or four people, and the price ranges from $9.25 to $12.17 per serving. On the downside, you’ll have to pay $9.99 shipping on all orders, but you will get a wider variety of dishes to cook than with Chefs Plate.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, Chefs Plate is a fantastic meal kit service. It offers a large and varied selection of meat-based and vegetarian dishes, features affordable prices and free shipping on most offers, and has a very friendly and helpful customer support team.

Whether you’re craving a bloody rare steak, need something healthy for your vegetarian friends to enjoy, or simply want some help making lunches that even your picky youngsters will happily devour, Chefs Plate has you covered.


Is Chefs Plate legit?

Yes, of course. Chefs Plate is a reputable Canadian meal kit company that has been in business since Patrick Meyer and Jaime Shea established it in 2014.

Is Chefs Plate owned by HelloFresh?

Yes. The company was bought by the meal kit industry titan, HelloFresh, in 2018 and has since become its subsidiary for the Canadian market.

What is the difference between Chefs Plate and HelloFresh?

The HelloFresh vs. Chefs Plate debate is still popular as the former never actually absorbed the latter after its acquisition, instead letting it operate as a sort of budget alternative to HelloFresh in Canada.

As such, Chefs Plate is recommended if you’re on a tighter budget or don’t have any special dietary requirements other than vegetarian meals. On the other hand, HelloFresh offers a broader food selection and delivers to more counties within Canada, but it is more expensive, and some meals may take longer to prepare.

Is Chefs Plate locally sourced?

Yes, absolutely. As we already mentioned in our Chefs Plate review, ingredients for the company’s meal packs are sourced locally from Canadian homesteads, so you know you’re getting the freshest meals possible while supporting Canadian farmers.

As such, Chefs Plate is recommended if you’re on a tighter budget or don’t have any special dietary requirements other than vegetarian meals. On the other hand, HelloFresh offers a broader food selection and delivers to more counties within Canada, but it is more expensive, and some meals may take longer to prepare.

Does Chefs Plate have an app?

Yes, and it’s a fantastic app, too, available for both Android and iOS. It allows for effortless meal planning and allows users to easily choose from a weekly recipe menu. You can follow well-written recipe cards to create fantastic meals and even rate your favourite ones, so the company can know which of its dishes are the most popular with customers.

As such, Chefs Plate is recommended if you’re on a tighter budget or don’t have any special dietary requirements other than vegetarian meals. On the other hand, HelloFresh offers a broader food selection and delivers to more counties within Canada, but it is more expensive, and some meals may take longer to prepare.

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Overall Score: 8.5

Price: From $100.00

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