Recore Mattress Review for a Sound Sleep

Comfort: 10
Motion Isolation: 9
Heat Regulation: 8
Value for Money: 9

Overall Score: 9

Price: From $749.00

  • Relieves pressure
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Value for money
  • Zero noise
  • Exemplary manufacturer reputation

  • Possible off-gassing for the first few days
  • Might sleep warm for some users

Welcome to our Recore mattress review. This excellent four-layered bed from the Canadian store has a clean and simple design. It combines the benefits of latex with gel-infused foam and a graphite-infused cover for an all-around, cool and refreshing sleep.

However, does it have what it takes to become the centrepiece of your bedroom? We can’t be sure until we put it to the test by assessing its firmness, feel, and other features. Hopefully, you’ll know whether this foam mattress is suitable for you by the end of our Recore review.

About the Brand, a forerunner in the bed-in-a-box craze, was founded in 2009. Since then, the company has become one of Canada’s most popular mattress brands. In fact, its original memory foam model gained nationwide acclaim.

The Recore is the company’s first mattress intentionally developed for active sleepers. Its latex and gel-infused foam has exceptional mobility and is also meant to help athletes recover to their full potential.

Furthermore, thanks to environmentally conscious business practices, many Recore mattress reviews indicate that the Canadian company has gained bigtime Earth Day points for their:

  •  zero-waste policy
  •  commitment to Tencel fabrics
  •  donating all returned mattresses to North American charities

Plus, according to the retailer, all unused manufacturing materials are repurposed for other merchandise or recycled.

Recore Mattress Review: Key Features

Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the Recore mattress. Based on user feedback and our own product testing, this section offers information on:

  • firmness
  • pressure
  • motion transfer
  • durability
  • off-gassing
  • edge support


On a scale of one to ten, we believe that the Recore has a firmness rating of six. As a result, the mattress is best suited for average-weight sleepers or lighter and heavier individuals who like a medium-firm bed.

Moreover, according to many Recore mattress reviews, a layer of synthetic latex provides a touch of bounce. That makes the mattress more sensitive than other polyfoam or layered foam beds.

The Recore truly had us feeling like we were gently floating on top of the mattress while it still conformed to and enveloped our bodies like a soft embrace.


In order to assess the Recore’s pressure relief, we laid on a sensory pad that monitors pressure build-up in the hips, shoulders, and other sensitive areas. We also changed positions to see if pressure changed when lying on our sides, backs, and stomachs.

Our Recore review showed that, for the most part, the mattress does an excellent job of relieving tension. Therefore, it can provide adequate support for back and stomach sleepers and prevent sagging in pressure-sensitive spots.

However, we believe that side sleepers will benefit the most from the Recore’s latex and memory foam layer, which helps to keep the spine straight and relieves pressure throughout the body.

Motion Transfer

Two testers from our team evaluated the mattress for motion transfer by lying next to each other. One kept moving around while the other felt the surface for motion transfer.

Neither of them noticed much movement from the other side during the test for this Recore mattress review, indicating that the bed has excellent motion isolation.

On the other hand, the synthetic latex is somewhat responsive, and the fabric does not wholly eliminate motion transfer.


Since the Recore mattress has only been on the market for around two years, like other Recore mattress reviews, we couldn’t fairly or objectively test its durability.

As a result, we based our durability assessment on:

  • mattress materials
  • construction quality
  • user feedback

The Recore mattress should last for at least six to six and a half years before needing to be replaced. This longevity is comparable to that of other mixed-foam models.

Recore mattresses from Canada are made of durable support components that assist the top and borders of the bed in combating body impressions and sagging. However, the synthetic latex utilized in the comfort layer is not as durable as natural, blended, or organic latex.

Therefore, owners may sense a lack of support as the material deteriorates. To avoid significant wear and tear, we suggest turning the bed from head to foot every three to six months.


The foam components of the bed release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are generally harmless particles with a characteristically chemical odour. The latex also has a mild rubber-like smell, according to some testers.

When we unboxed the mattress for this Recore review, we noticed an immediate off-gassing smell. When checked several days later, the odours had mainly gone away, but there was still a residual scent.

Only a few people mention smelling anything after a week of unpacking the bed. However, based on user feedback, the long-term odour is not an issue.

Edge Support

We sat along the perimeter of the Recore mattress to review its edge support. We did our best to mimic the movements of a sleeper climbing in and out of bed.

Although heavier testers felt more sag than average-weight and lighter testers, the mattress scored adequately in this segment — notably for a bed that is composed of mixed-foam.

This favourable outcome is thanks to the latex comfort layer that is more resistant to sagging. Most foam comfort layer models are likely to sink even more.

We also traded places lying close to the mattress’s edges to test “roll-off” sensations. The Recore supplied sufficient firmness and did not sink significantly. Still, those who weighed 104 kg or less felt more secure than the heavier testers.

Recore Mattress Reviews: Alternatives

Although the purpose of this review is to inspect and test the Recore mattress, to provide further context, we thought we’d compare it to some of its main competitors in the field.

Recore vs. Douglas Mattress

The Douglas has gel-infused memory foam and a bouncy latex alternative, making it comparable to the Recore. Given that the Douglas is also a mattress, it was to be expected.

The Douglas, however, has slightly deeper sinkage than the Recore, which may be significant for people who prefer to feel more “in” their mattress. Because of its sensitive synthetic latex comfort layer, the Recore mattress provides a more stable sensation.

The Douglas and Recore mattresses both have a medium-firm feel and perform similarly in most areas of testing. Furthermore, they’re excellent at isolating motion and reducing motion transfer. Not to mention, neither one creates noise, so they are ideal for co-sleepers.

The Recore vs. Douglas mattress testing showed that the Douglas slightly outperformed the Recore regarding pressure relief thanks to its responsive memory foam layer. Still, both models are solid choices for people with chronic pressure point problems.

Their prices are, for the most part, pretty comparable. However, the Douglas is slightly more affordable if you’re purchasing a Queen size mattress.

Recore vs. Logan and Cove’s Logan & Cove is a luxury hybrid. It has a Tencel cover made from wood and comfort layers of soy-based polyfoam, blended silk, and gel polyfoam. The support core is made up of 8-inch strong and durable pocketed coils.

Customers can choose between a medium-soft and medium-firm mattress. It offers excellent edge support. Additionally, this bed boasts superb temperature neutrality because of its coil layer’s intense airflow.

This Recore vs. Logan and Cove comparison emphasizes that the Recore mattress exceeds the Logan & Cove in pressure relief and motion isolation because of its mixed-foam design. However, they have distinct advantages and disadvantages due to their design variances.

Because of its unique materials, the Logan & Cove is a little more pricey. This mattress comparison between two of Canada’s best points out that the Logan & Cove is a good choice for those who like hybrids for above-average breathability and extra support.

At the same time, the Recore mattress is ideal for couples and those who have pressure point difficulties.

Recore vs. Endy

The Endy mattress consists of three layers of mild polyfoam. It’s an extremely soft bed built with pressure reduction in mind and ideal for side sleepers.

This bed also has a superior motion transfer than the Recore, making it ideal for couples. Moreover, both provide above-average edge support, relieve pressure for those weighing 104 kg or less, and are noiseless.

Both products come at a highly competitive foam mattress price. However, the Endy is slightly less expensive for a Queen size. But, if you use the Recore mattress discount offered by many retailers, the cost is nearly the same.


The Recore is a high-density foam mattress from Canada capable of helping athletes reach their maximum rest and recovery potential. Moreover, it’s plush yet supportive and has excellent mobility, enabling you to avoid feeling trapped and making it fantastic for couples.

Hopefully, we have answered any questions that you may have had about the Recore mattress. According to our research and testing, if you’re an active sleeper searching for a bed that will help you stay dry and cool, this could be a great addition to your bedroom.


Where is the Recore mattress made?

Our research to create this in-depth Recore mattress review revealed that this product is made by, one of Canada’s largest online-only mattress companies. It’s sold exclusively in Canada and intended for those who lead active lifestyles.

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Overall Score: 9

Price: From $749.00

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