Verb Shampoo Review: Ghost, Hydrating, and Volume

Pricing: 8
Features: 9
Shipping: 7
Value for money: 9

Overall Score: 8.25

Price: From $20

  • Vegan, colour-safe, cruelty-free
  • Recyclable packaging
  • High quality at relatively affordable prices
  • Gluten, sulphate, and paraben-free
  • Long-lasting fragrance and effect
  • Lightweight

  • No international shipping

Verb is an American company founded in 2011 in Austin, Texas, by Michael Portman, Claire Moses, and Jayson Rapaport. Today, the company is based in New York City and is known for affordable, high-quality hair care products.

As anyone with even a passing interest in hair care knows, finding the right shampoo is essential to maintaining healthy, lustrous locks. But with so many options on the market, it can be tough to know where to start. Verb shampoos are popular hair care products beloved by customers for their gentle formula and ability to nourish and moisturize.

With our Verb shampoo review, we’ll help you discover everything you need to know about these products and then decide if this could be a new addition to your hair care routine.

Verb Ghost Shampoo

In Canada, Verb is part of the beauty market worth more than $4 billion, which means it’s a saturated sector that’s tough for all contenders. Needless to say, the creators of these shampoos had to engage in intricate procedures and thorough pre-launch research in order to match and outperform the competitors’ offers.

My review will start with the Verb Ghost Shampoo: I’ll focus on all the important information regarding its ingredients and features, also sharing our own experience with this product.

That’s why I decided to run a one-month trial with each of these shampoos and will reveal if I’ve seen any improvement after washing my hair with Verb products.

Who’s It For?

Ghost Shampoo is excellent if you have:

  • Damaged, thinning, frizzy, or coloured hair
  • Fine, oily, straight, wavy, curly, or thick hair

Our Take

For this review, I decided to give some Verb products a try, and the first one on my list was Verb Ghost Shampoo.

Right away, I found out why this shampoo is called Ghost. It truly lives up to the name: While washing your hair, it feels like there’s nothing on it – the product is, indeed, totally lightweight, almost imperceptible. However, the lather is quite rich, managing to clean your hair and cleanse your scalp impeccably.

The scent, a blend of grapefruit and oatmeal, is really refreshing. Even though some users disliked the smell of Verb products, claiming that it’s overpowering, I found it quite pleasant.

After drying my hair, I noticed it wasn’t as frizzy as it usually gets, and it was quite easy to untangle while combing. All in all, my hair felt and looked shiny and healthy. I could feel that dash of moringa seed oil adding a touch of softness.

My conclusion was that my hair was moisturized but without any damage to the natural complexion of the scalp. My hair felt hydrated but also light, with added volume. The shampoo did its magic completely as I was able to comb my hair 100% effortlessly and smoothly. After one month of using the shampoo, I noticed that there was zero effect on the hair colour, and the brittle strands were somewhat repaired.

Ingredient List

Below is a breakdown of the key ingredients Verb uses in its shampoos, as well as those it decided to nix to avoid adverse effects.

The secret behind the soothing, hydrating, and lightweight effect that Verb Ghost shampoo has on your hair and scalp lies in these key ingredients:

  • Sunflower seed extract that helps against UV rays, hydrates, and protects colour
  • Moringa seed oil that moisturizes and softens hair
  • Aloe vera, which relieves scalp irritation, reduces dandruff, and improves elasticity
  • Green tea extract that enriches your hair with antioxidants and vitamins

Verb Ghost Shampoo doesn’t contain any sulphates, formaldehyde, parabens, or mineral oils.

However, out of all the ingredients this shampoo contains, sodium C14-16 olefin sSulfonate can be regarded as a bit problematic, as it can be fairly harsh to the skin.

Verb Hydrating Shampoo

The features and ingredients of this Verb shampoo are rather similar to those of Verb Ghost Shampoo. However, the two variants are not quite the same, so we’ll try to cover all the important differences.

Who’s It For?

You might consider using this product if your hair is:

  • Dry
  • Overstyled
  • Frizzy
  • Damaged

Our Take

After I finished using the Verb Hydrating Shampoo for a whole month, the impact I felt on my hair was just right – it was light enough to keep the volume, but just the right amount of treatment to repair the effects of hair processing without any residue or buildup.

What’s more, I could feel the protection it provided, as my hair was thoroughly cleansed and hydrated, probably thanks to pro-vitamin B5 and the argan oil, which are some of the shampoo’s not-so-secret weapons.

After a month with this shampoo, my hair colour wasn’t stripped the least. This only goes to show that the advertising that claims it’s colour-safe is completely justified. Ultimately, you can go a few days without washing your hair, and it will feel clean and shiny, even without a Verb conditioner.

Also worth mentioning is that your shampoo is not the only important factor when it comes to coloured hair. Logically, the choice of hair dye brand is crucial. So, if you choose a subpar one, no shampoo can repair the damage. Luckily, there are great options such as eSalon hair dye that’s affordable and reliable, so using Verb shampoo would just be the cherry on top.

Ingredient List

Thanks to Verb’s perfect blend of components, your hair will thank you if you choose this product. The key ingredients of Verb Hydrating Shampoo are:

  • Pro-vitamin B5
  • Amino acid package
  • Sunflower seed extract
  • Quinoa protein

You won’t have to worry about:

  • Talc
  • Strong scent
  • Gluten
  • Sulphate
  • Formaldehyde
  • Mineral oils
  • Triclosan
  • Latex
  • Polyurethane
  • Resorcinol
  • Thermoplastic

Moreover, this shampoo provides great UV protection. The product is also cruelty-free, colour-safe, and vegan.

Verb Volume Shampoo

This shampoo is the last on our review list, but definitely worth checking out if you have thin hair that could use some extra volume. Let’s see what it’s all about.

Who’s It For?

This shampoo is great for those who are struggling with hair that’s:

  • Flat and thin
  • Dull

Our Take

My experience with the Volume Shampoo was quite positive. After washing and drying my hair, I really felt the volume and the root-lifting effect. What impressed me was that others could clearly see the change, too.

The entire experience was tangle-free, with a subtle grapefruit and oatmeal scent. I also kept track of how long my hair remained thicker and weightlessly lifted. To my surprise, it was pretty consistent for three whole days.

After a month, I noticed a slightly more voluminous look that really lasted. To enhance the effects of this product, you can add Verb Volume Spray to your routine for even longer effects.

Ingredient List

Whether you’re buying a hand sanitizer or one of the fancy beauty products, such as the Hanacure mask, you’ll want to know what they contain because they are applied directly to your skin. Beauty and relaxation are not the only things to consider here. So, let’s see what stuff this shampoo is made of – literally.

For this shampoo to provide a root-lifting effect and build up volume, a few elements were blended together. We’ve seen most of them before in this review:

  • Sunflower seed extract
  • Pro-vitamin B5
  • Soy protein

The product contains neither sulphates nor parabens, and like the previous items featured in this review, it’s cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

Verb Shampoo Pricing

Finally, let’s see how much each Verb product costs.

You can get a 12 fl. oz. bottle of any Verb Ghost Shampoo for $22, with no extra charges for shipping if the total surpasses $50.

What I liked about Verb’s online shopping offer is its cool rewards program and the points you receive if you refer your friends, too. You’ll also get points on your birthday and when you start following Verb on Instagram.

Verb Products’ Drawbacks

Although I had fun with Verb shampoos and was pretty happy with each one, there’s still room for improvement. These are areas where Verb products could be improved to suit consumer preferences:

Verb Ghost Shampoo Some users end up with tangled hair No international shipping, no shipping to Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon
Verb Hydrating Shampoo Many chemicals
Verb Volume Shampoo Doesn’t come with a travel-friendly bottle


Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a new shampoo and you want to try something different, Verb is a perfect choice! We’re sure you won’t regret it, as each of these products has its unique purpose and does a great job fulfilling it.

And if you’re having second thoughts, just remember that each product from this Verb shampoo review comes with a money-back guarantee. So, why not give it a try?


Is Verb shampoo sulphate-free?

Yes, all Verb shampoos from this review are sulphate-, gluten-, and paraben-free.

Is Verb shampoo good for thinning hair?

For thin hair, the best solution would be Verb’s Volume Shampoo, which has a lifting effect and makes your hair voluminous.

Is Verb a clean brand?

Yes, it is, and the company steers clear of sulphates, parabens, gluten and other harmful substances. It is also cruelty-free and vegan.

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Overall Score: 8.25

Price: From $25

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