The YETI Cooler Review: Is It Worth the Price Tag?

Performance: 9
Durability: 9
Design: 8
Value for Money: 8

Overall Score: 8

Price: From $250

  • Extremely durable
  • Well-insulated
  • Three- to five-year warranty
  • Bear-proof options

  • High prices
  • Inconsistent customer support

There’s a reason the YETI cooler is such a popular choice for campers – it keeps drinks and food cold for hours on end, even in the hottest weather. Keep reading this YETI cooler review to learn more about what makes this product stand out from its competitors.

YETI Overview

YETI is a Texas-based company that designs and manufactures outdoor lifestyle products. The company was founded in 2006 by two brothers who enjoyed their own outdoor adventures. They weren’t satisfied with the quality of coolers available at the time, so they decided to start a company to manufacture something better.

YETI’s products include coolers, drinkware, apparel, and more. The company is best known for its coolers, designed to keep food and drinks cold for extended periods. However, it eventually expanded to selling clothes, to cater to the biggest online retail market available – after all, 62% of Canadian consumers purchased apparel online in 2020.

YETI’s coolers are sold in multiple sizes, and can be used for a range of activities, including camping, fishing, and tailgating. Even if you’re one of the 66% of Canadian bookworms who bought ebooks from Amazon in the last 12 months, these coolers can help your drinks and food stay fresh if you decide to read your fave titles in the great outdoors.

If you love these activities but don’t want to spend too much time cooking instead of enjoying the nature around you, you can pair your cooler with a set of Fresh Prep meal kits.

Types of Coolers Offered

The two basic cooler models YETI produces are hard coolers and soft coolers. However, you can also find containers with wheels, and custom hard coolers. In addition, you can deck out your container with YETI cooler accessories.

There are several ranges of YETI hard-sided coolers, including Tundra, V, Roadie, Tank, and Silo.

Products from the V series are made of stainless steel and represent YETI’s most expensive offering. The Tundra series is much more affordable, which made this category quite popular. It comes in an impressive range of sizes, with the largest being able to fit over 250 cans of beer.

Out of the YETI soft-sided coolers, the Hopper series is the most popular, but there’s also the Daytrip series, which comprises lunch boxes and bags.

YETI Cooler Features

What makes YETI coolers stand out is the fact that their insulation is thicker than that of most other products from the same niche. Because the insulation is made of polyurethane, a YETI cooler can keep ice solid for prolonged periods. Some reviews suggest the ice can last for over ten days, which is quite impressive.

While YETI vows that all its coolers are robust and can sustain rough use, some of the coolers are particularly resistant; in fact, a special line of coolers is bear-proof, which is a neat feature, albeit not necessary for everyone. If you’re interested in this, you should know that these containers have a bear-proof lock, so you won’t have to share any of your food with these furry predators.

Pricing and Warranty

The fact that YETI coolers are quite pricy is no secret. For instance, one of the most popular YETI products, the YETI Tundra 35, costs $375. The YETI Stainless Steel cooler from the V series retails at $1,100.

Luckily, there’s a YETI warranty for most of its items, but the length depends on the product you choose. For instance, coolers from the YETI Hopper series and others have a three-year warranty. On the other hand, for the YETI Tundra series, among others, there’s a five-year warranty.

Customer Support

YETI’s customer service can be contacted via phone from Monday to Friday, between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. CT. The agents are also available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CT on weekends. In addition, you may get in touch with customer support via email.

Customer Reviews

For the purpose of this article, we examined YETI cooler reviews from customers on various aggregator sites, including Trustpilot. We were surprised to learn that the most common complaint was about customer service.

On the other hand, satisfied clients cited durability as one of the main reasons they love the YETI coolers. Others were pleased that the return process was quite effortless: For example, a couple of customers reported that the zipper of their YETI Hopper cooler malfunctioned after two to three years, and the company sent them a new cooler.

These customers had a very pleasant experience with the customer support agents. Thus, we would say the customer support with YETI can be a hit or miss.

Reviews for the coolers themselves are pretty positive. For instance, the Tundra 35 hard cooler has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon, indicating buyers are more than pleased with this product.

YETI Cooler Alternatives

Although YETI strives to build durable coolers that can retain ice for a long time, this company is not the only one with that goal. There are quite a few YETI alternatives worth checking out. Let’s see how they compare to the YETI brand.

YETI vs. Pelican

While some other companies try to compete with YETI by creating cheaper dupes, Pelican aims for high-quality instead of budget-friendly pricing. Thus, Pelican coolers are in a similar price range as YETI, although the Pelican Personal Cooler, which retails at $139.95, is cheaper than any YETI hard cooler. The same goes for its Elite Cooler, which is on par with YETI’s Tundra 35: The former retails at $341.95, and the latter’s price is $375.

A significant difference between the two brands is the warranty. The YETI warranty period is three to five years; with Pelican, you get a lifetime warranty. Thus, Pelican has an edge over YETI in this aspect. In terms of aesthetics, we would give the point to YETI, as its coolers have sleeker designs.

There aren’t as many Pelican reviews online as there are YETI reviews. Nevertheless, some customers were extremely pleased with Pelican’s cooler sizes and return policy. Others claimed to have had issues with the customer service. All in all, both options are of top quality, and you won’t go far wrong if you choose either.


Compared to the YETI cooler cost, RTIC coolers are significantly more affordable. The cheapest option among hard coolers is the 52 QT Ultra-Light Cooler, which costs US$199. To put things in perspective, its YETI counterpart in terms of beer can capacity and features would be the Tundra 105 Hard Cooler, which retails at US$500.

On the other hand, in terms of warranty, YETI takes the cake. Namely, with RTIC you only get a one-year warranty. We would say this is not enough for products in that price range.

What’s more, there are quite a few negative RTIC reviews. Customers complained about the return policy and slow-responding customer service. On the other hand, others were satisfied with the products, saying that the quality is decent for the price.

Therefore, if you wish not to risk it with the short warranty period, you may go with YETI. However, if the YETI cooler price tag is too much for your wallet, RTIC may be the one for you.

On a Final Note

As you can tell, it’s evident that the YETI coolers are well-built and can sustain rough use. Also, they come with an extended warranty period, which is always a plus. However, the customer support might not be up to par with everyone’s expectations, although we didn’t have any issues. The fact remains, though, that the coolers are pretty pricey. Still, if you can afford one, we would say it’s worth it.


Is the YETI cooler a good cooler?

Yes, we would say that YETI provides high-quality coolers. They can hold ice for up to 10 days. However, you should know that they are a bit on the pricier side, so not everyone may be able to afford them.

How long does it take to freeze ice in a YETI cooler?

YETI coolers can freeze ice faster than many other coolers. For instance, the YETI ICE takes around six hours to freeze.

What is so special about a YETI cooler?

YETI coolers are known for their durability and thick polyurethane insulation. Some of the coolers are even bear-proof. For more information about the features of these premium containers, you can go back to our YETI cooler review.

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Overall Score: 8

Price: From $250

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