Logan and Cove Review for a Much Better Sleep

Comfort: 9
Edge Support: 10
Noise: 9
Motion Isolation: 8

Overall Score: 9

Price: From $799.00

  • Two firmness levels
  • Excellent edge support
  • Reasonably quiet
  • High-end aesthetic
  • Exemplary manufacturer reputation

  • Possible off-gassing in the first few days
  • Might transfer some movement

The focus of our Logan and Cove review is yet another fantastic mattress from the Canadian retailer GoodMorning.com. This luxurious bed is made with silk padding and many layers of custom foam over a pocketed coil support core.

Because it’s one of the few authentic pillow-top mattresses offered as a bed-in-a-box, we couldn’t wait to test it out. Rest assured that we’re about to fill you in on all the details of this quality bed produced by one of Canada’s most trusted online retailers.

Logan and Cove Review: About the Brand

In 2009, the company created and launched its first memory foam mattress. However, buying a bed online without trying it out was a tough sale. So, GoodMorning.com established the world’s first risk-free in-home trial.

Therefore, if you weren’t happy with your new mattress, the company would pick it up, donate it to a charity, and refund your money. If you fell in love with it, you’d have the same high-end materials as a luxury shop mattress at a fraction of the price.

As a result, tens of thousands of Canadians across the country sleep on their GoodMorning.com mattresses every night. And that number continues to increase every day.

Logan and Cove Reviews: Key Features

The sections below will describe how this mattress performed in our product testing and based on user feedback. We tested six criteria: firmness, motion isolation, off-gassing, pressure relief, edge support, and noise.

It’s important to note that we tested both versions of this mattress. So, you will know the difference when it comes to the Logan and Cove Medium Plush vs. Luxury Firm. 


The mattress is available in two options of firmness. The medium plush has a medium-soft firmness. Then there’s the ‘luxury firm,’ which many online reviews have deemed medium-firm and perfect for heavier sleepers.

Both versions provide a traditional hybrid feel. Moreover, the comfort layers provide pressure relief, and the pocketed coils offer tremendous support.

The coils are constructed using ergonomic zoning, resulting in reduced pressure points compared with competitors who often use thicker comfort layering.

Motion Isolation

Even though pocketed coils provide better motion isolation, this mattress only received an average score in our Logan and Cove review.

Our sleep-testers reported that they could sense when their partner changed positions. Although none of our testers were woken up by these movements, this mattress definitely transfers some motion.

However, thanks to its excellent edge support, the mattress showed better results in isolating movement from individuals getting in or out of bed.


Off-gassing is caused by volatile organic compounds, a consequence of foam production. While they can emit a disagreeable odour, they are generally safe.

Once unpacked, our Logan and Cove mattress review testers discovered that a moderate amount of off-gassing was present.

Akin to rubber or plastic, the odour was the most potent directly after the testers unboxed it — but decreased almost immediately. Therefore, we had no trouble sleeping in the bed after 24 hours, and the smell was completely gone within 48 hours.

Pressure Relief

During this Logan and Cove review, the mattress’s pressure-relieving qualities received an average score from our testers and our in-house pressure mapping tools.

We preferred the medium-soft alternative because it let us sink deeper into the comfort layers, creating an extra cozy sensation.

On the other hand, the medium-firm bed provides a less-contouring sleep area, causing pressure spots at the shoulders and hips in some heavier side-sleepers. It also created a more ‘floating’ feeling of resting on the mattress rather than in it.

According to many Logan and Cove reviews, most individuals will find this mattress providing adequate pressure relief. But, side sleepers weighing more than 104 kg might find it a bit uncomfortable.


It’s not entirely silent, as cited by many Logan and Cove reviews. We also noticed the pocketed coil support core had a slight creak when we moved around and was loudest when getting into bed. However, the pillow-top comfort layering is ultra-quiet.

These creaking sounds are likely to increase with time. But the bed’s noise levels (typical for a hybrid mattress) will likely not affect most sleepers.

Edge Support

Due to its above-average performance, our testers awarded this mattress a very positive review regarding its edge support. But this was expected, as edge support is usually better in hybrid beds.

Although sitting on it led it to sink slightly, our testers who slept near the edge still felt well supported. This makes the Logan and Cove mattress from Canada ideal for couples, allowing them to maintain optimum support wherever they lay.

Alternatives to the Logan and Cove Mattress

The main goal of this review is to evaluate the Logan and Cove mattresses. However, in doing so, we think it could be helpful to compare it to some other brands to see how well it holds up against the competition.

Continue reading to find out!

Logan and Cove vs. Helix 

Both beds are foam-coil hybrids. But the Logan and Cove comes in only two firmness levels, whereas the Helix has multiple levels.

These two beds have a comparable feel. We found the Helix mattress to have a medium firmness. In comparison, the Logan and Cove Medium Plush mattress has a medium-firm feel, while the Logan and Cove Luxury Firm is indeed a firm mattress.

Although they’re both hybrids, the Helix and Logan and Cove mattresses have contrasting edge support. The edge support of the Helix Medium mattress is below average. The same goes for the edge support of the Logan and Cove Medium Plush mattress. However, our Logan and Cove Luxury Firm review found that its edge support is above average.

The Helix mattress and the Logan and Cove mattress both have above-average motion isolation rankings.

As for the shipping, Logan and Cove’s takes three to ten business days after order confirmation. In contrast, customers who order a Helix mattress should expect it to arrive in three to seven business days, excluding holidays.

Logan and Cove vs. Endy

First off, these mattresses are built in two distinctly different ways. The Endy mattress is a combination foam mattress, whereas the Logan and Cove is a hybrid. Plus, the Endy only comes in one firmness, while the Logan and Cove comes in two different firmnesses.

Furthermore, the Logan and Cove Medium Plush mattress and the Endy mattress both have average edge support. However, the Logan and Cove Luxury Firm mattress features above-average edge support.

According to our Logan and Cove mattress review, each one has above-average motion isolation. However, the Logan and Cove has more comfort layers, a longer warranty, and is manufactured following the eco-friendly principles.

Logan and Cove vs. Purple

The Purple mattress is a polymer and foam combination mattress with a single firmness option. In contrast, the Logan and Cove is a hybrid mattress offering two firmness options.

Although these two mattresses are built quite differently, according to our testing, the firmness and feel of the Purple and Logan and Cove are very similar.

The edge support of the Purple is below average. A Logan and Cove Medium Plush review affirms that the mattress has moderate edge support. Also, the Logan and Cove Luxury version has above-average edge support.

The Purple mattress has below-average motion isolation, whereas the Logan and Cove Medium Plush and Luxury Firm mattresses have above-average motion isolation.

Logan and Cove vs. Beautyrest

These two mattresses are both foam-coil hybrids. But the Logan and Cove provides two firmness options, while the Beautyrest Black offers multiple firmness options.

However, the Beautyrest mattress we evaluated only had one firmness option. It did, however, feature a blend of materials that provided support while allowing us a cool night’s sleep.

As for edge support, the Logan and Cove Medium Plush mattress and the Beautyrest Black Devotion mattress both feature average edge support, whereas the Logan and Cove Luxury Firm mattress features above-average edge support.

However, like most Logan and Cove mattress reviews from Canada indicate, it consistently surpasses the competition with its longer trial period, eco-friendly materials, and lower price.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed this Logan and Cove bed review and that it has answered any questions you may have had regarding purchasing this mattress. With its hybrid construction, firmness options, and silky pillow-top, it will have you drifting off into dreamland in no time.


Is Logan and Cove good for side sleepers?

The medium-plush Logan and Cove mattress offers above-average pressure relief for side sleepers of all body types, making it an enjoyable sleeping surface. In the medium-firm Logan and Cove mattress, side sleepers weighing 60 to 105 kg will find excellent cushioning and support.

Does Logan and Cove sleep cool?

When it comes to keeping sleepers cool during the night, the Logan and Cove Mattress gets high marks. Because the pocketed coils enable cooling airflow, hybrid beds usually stay cooler than all-foam beds.

Who makes the Logan and Cove mattress?

The Logan and Cove is a luxury mattress from GoodMorning.com, a Canadian company. GoodMorning.com sells a variety of beds, and the number of Canadians who buy them is growing every day.

How firm is Logan and Cove mattress?

There are two firmness options for the Logan and Cove. For instance, the Medium Plush mattress has a firmness rating of 4.5 on a 10-point scale, making it medium-soft. In comparison, the Luxury Firm mattress has a firmness rating of roughly 6.5, deeming it medium-firm.

Is Logan and Cove good for heavy people?

The Logan and Cove Medium Plush mattress proves “fair” for people over 105 kg. in all sleep positions. On the other hand, the Logan and Cove  Luxury Firm mattress is “excellent” for the same group of people.

How long does the Logan and Cove mattress last?

Due to the stabilizing strength of their coils, hybrid mattresses are believed to be more durable than all-foam alternatives. According to our testing for this Logan and Cove review, we expect the mattress to last longer than the typical six to seven years of similarly made beds.

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Overall Score: 9

Price: From $799.00

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